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News movies & tv series 07 April 2024, 23:05

E.T. Sequel Explained. Is Steven Spielberg’s New Movie Real and Will it Be in Cinemas in Summer 2025?

News of an E.T. sequel, titled The Return to Earth and directed by Steven Spielberg, has surfaced online. Is it true? We check it out.

Source: E.T., Steven Spielberg, Universal Pictures, 1982

E.T. is certainly a film loved by many. It's a unique story that has been loved by kids and adults alike since 1982. Steven Spielberg, together with Melissa Mathison, created a story that invariably draws audiences in front of screens over the years, and no wonder – there is something special about the story of the alien and his friendship with the boy.

A poster for E.T. The Return to Earth, intended to be a sequel to the 1982 production, recently appeared online. Spielberg would reportedly be behind the camera, while the movie's cast would include Henry Thomas and Drew Barrymore, who would return to their roles. In this sequel, the action would take place decades after the first one, and Elliot together Gertie would embark on a space journey with E.T. to save Earth from an ecological disaster and a universe-wide conspiracy. The E.T. sequel would hit cinemas in the summer of 2025.

Will there be a sequel to E.T.?

The question, however, is whether this is even true? This first, sudden announcement on the subject may raise doubts. And rightly so, since the E.T. sequel won’t be made. The poster is the work of a person who runs the satirical YODA BBY ABY Facebook profile. He specializes in creating posters and descriptions of movies and TV series that aren’t being made at all. This is yet another joke made by YODA BBY ABY, so don't let it get your hopes up, because Spielberg isn’t working on a sequel to the story of the alien E.T. at all.

It's all the more doubtful that a sequel to E.T. will be made, when you consider that Spielberg and lead actor Thomas are unconvinced by the idea, as they fear they won't be able to capture the magic of the first one. And perhaps this is the right approach. Some things are better left untouched, and after all, you can always re-watch the 1982 E.T.

Edyta Jastrzebska

Edyta Jastrzebska

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