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News video games 25 October 2023, 05:01

author: Kamil Kleszyk

ETS2 Devs Listened to Fans; Small but Appreciated Change Introduce

Developers at SCS Software have proven that fan requests are very important to them. One of them has just been made a reality in Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Source: SCS Software

The key to success for any game developer is to properly listen to requests and feedback from the community. A model example of communication with players is SCS Software. The developers of the popular truck simulator ETS 2, in response to fans' requests, introduced a small but important change to the game to improve the gameplay experience.

Namely, it's about AI movement. With update 1.48 (which was not included in the official patch descriptions), cars standing in traffic jams are no longer "welded" to a single line. Instead, like in real life, each vehicle is slightly deviated from the main axis of the lane. You can see this in the example below.

ETS2 Devs Listened to Fans; Small but Appreciated Change Introduce - picture #1
Source: SCS Software.

Fulfilling the idea proposed some time ago by user Eggtooth on the SCS Software forum, has gained a lot of recognition in the eyes of gamers. Fans of ETS are not hiding their satisfaction with the change and the general policy of the developers. Below you can read some sample reactions on Reddit.

"This is a really cool, subtle update that really improves realism. I'm glad SCS is now looking at their world like this," writes roman_totale.

"Wow, I always thought about how the traffic in ETS2 is rather monotonous and expressionless. This is a great step towards fixing that," notes rikaamai.

"I remember reading this as a request from players not too long ago. Great job in listening to the community!," praises mrbluestf.

Let's mention that this is not the only change made at the request of Euro Truck Simulator 2 players in update 1.48 and its accompanying hotfixes. Along with the patch, the game received a frame rate limit feature, which was requested by owners of more powerful graphics cards.

Finally, let's add that last week marked the premiere of another official expansion for ETS 2 - West Balkans.

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