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News video games 14 September 2023, 16:53

author: Kamil Kleszyk

Bestselling EU4 Brings Sweeping Changes to Middle East

Paradox has announced that a massive update is headed to the acclaimed strategy game Europa Universalis IV. It will focus primarily on the territories of ancient Persia.

Source: Paradox Interactive

Probably nothing verifies for the quality of a video game like the passing of time. The history of the industry has seen plenty of games forgotten shortly after their release. Fortunately, there are still titles that, despite having felt the passage of time, still please crowds of players. The latter group definitely includes the 2013 strategy game Europa Universalis IV.

The credit for the unflagging popularity of EU4 (at its peak the game is played by nearly 20,000 players almost every day) lies primarily with the developers from Paradox Development, who are constantly introducing new features and improvements to their work.

A few months after Domination DLC debuted, we get Europa Universalis IV: King of Kings, which will introduce "greater depth and historical context related to the countries bordering the Ottoman Empire."

Along with it, the developers are preparing update 1.36, which will introduce a major overhaul in the territories of former Persia. The upcoming patch was meticulously described in the latest developer diary entry on Steam.

"(...) the theme of the next DLC will be new regional content. And the region that will receive it is the long-anticipated Middle East! This is why we are ready to reveal that it will be released in a new Immersion Pack, Europa Universalis IV: King of Kings," reads an excerpt from the developers' announcement.

From the information provided by Paradox, we learn that the player's task will be to unite the entire region. A special role in the gameplay will be played by the prevailing religious system in the territory. From now on it will better reflect the real history.

Persian traditions and customs have also been changed "to be more similar to their Ottoman and (sometimes) Mongol neighbors."

According to the developers, in response to fans' complaints about the game's over-simplification of markers, Ardabil's mission tree they have developed will not receive too many of them, so as not to make the beginning of the game too easy. The key element of the tree will be the "Into Persia" mission, which can be completed only after conquering 15 provinces.

Ardabil is expected to have the second-largest mission tree in the upcoming update, which will include a total of as many as 51 quests (the largest is expected to be 55, but the developers didn't reveal anything more about it) in a single playthrough, "divided into four large packs and one smaller segment."

Unfortunately, at the time of writing this news, the release date of King of Kings is not yet known.

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