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News Files and Mods 25 January 2024, 00:59

author: Adrian Werner

A Good Reason to Build Ships in Starfield, No Thanks to Bethesda

Are you bored with shipbuilding in the Starfield? Project Astroneer finally gives you a good reason to get busy building them, introducing, among other things, lavishly paid building contracts and a new companion.

Source: Microsoft

Starfield ended up a big financial success, but Bethesda studio's latest game is far from perfect. One of the many weaknesses of this RPG is shipbuilding. It's not even the problem with mechanics themselves, because they’re quite elaborate and players have created many interesting design using it. The problem lies in the fact that Starfield does not give us a good reason to delve into this system for a longer period of time, especially once we have developed our dream ship. A fan with the nickname codegangsta decided to do something about it, developing the impressive modification called Astroneer - Become a Starship Designer.

The mod allows you to take on the role of a starship builder. It’s achieved by adding a lot of contracts, in which we construct various units for clients. Each of them has unique requirements and recommendations, and their variety is very large - both in terms of size, purpose and level of luxury.

Your ship building work is rewarded with experience points, credits and raw materials. You can use the latter to complete a wide set of research projects, which provide access to, among other things, new ship parts, various perks or discounts.

  1. Astroneer: Become a Starship Designer – download the mod

The really cool thing is that the ships we build then end up added into the pool of those spawning in space, so during exploration we quickly start stumbling upon our own creations and can, for example, carry out boarding attacks on them.

Astroneer - Become a Starship Designer also adds a new companion with many audio dialogue lines. Her name is Aria Collins and she acts as a guide to the world of shipbuilding and will work with us on all contracts.

The mod is very impressive, especially considering the fact that official modding tools have yet to be released. It seemed that without them project like Astroneer would be impossible to pull off, so codegangsta really achieved something spectacular.

  1. Project's official profile at Nexusmods

Adrian Werner

Adrian Werner

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