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News movies & tv series 18 April 2024, 00:28

Fred Series with DJ Qualls from Rob Zombie Explained. Is it Real and Can You Stream it on Max?

News has emerged about the Fred series that Rob Zombie is working on. Will we actually see an episodic story with Freddy Krueger played by DJ Qualls on Max? Here's an explanation of this information.

Source: A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge, Jack Sholder, New Line Cinema, 1985

A poster for an alleged Max series titled Fred appeared online, more specifically on Facebook, in March, causing quite a stir. And now, just a month later, the situation has repeated itself, when a new poster for the production with the same title was shared on the YODA BBY ABY profile.

Both posters feature an image of Freddy Krueger with a release date of October 2024 and the name DJ Qualls, suggesting that he would play the title role. Along with the posters, a description of said TV series was also made available, according to which Fred would be a 10-episode event on Max in October this year. The purported Wes Craven Studios Production project would follow the transformation from bad guy to nightmarish killer. In addition, it would be Rob Zombie's directorial debut in TV series.

Is the Fred series from Rob Zombie real or fake?

Both the poster and the description and the whole idea of the TV series is false. No one is working on a TV show about Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street series, and we certainly won’t see one in 2024. The poster and description are the work of an online creator, YODA BBY ABY, who runs a satirical Facebook profile and posts fake news there, which he makes clear in his presentation.

The only known project with Freddy Krueger that may be in the making is one that was announced in 2010 and about which more information was reported by The Wrap in 2015. The last time we heard about this film was in 2019, when David Leslie Johnson, the screenwriter of that project, confirmed in an interview with GameStop that it was further in the plans, although they are at a standstill for now.

So once again we emphasize that there is no Fred series from Rob Zombie for Max. This is false information, which is the result of a joke by an online creator.

Edyta Jastrzebska

Edyta Jastrzebska

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