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News guides 17 May 2024, 07:09

author: Agnes Adamus

Ghost of Tsushima PC - New Game Plus or Deluxe Horse Choice Explained

In Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut you have access to two bonus horses. From this guide you will find out which animal is better to choose – New Game Plus or Deluxe.

Source: Ghost of Tsushima, developer: Sucker Punch

Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut was finally released on PC (although not in all countries). So, players on this platform can already move to 13th century Japan and become a samurai. There we have to fight the Mongols, who have invaded the titular island. Of course, you will be accompanied by a horse during the journey. From this guide you will learn which animal is better to choose – New Game Plus or Deluxe.

New Game Plus or Deluxe Horse Choice in Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut Explained

At the very beginning of Ghost of Tsushima, you will find yourself at a stable. There you will be able to choose one of the available horses. Depending on when you purchased the game, you will have a choice between four or five horses on your first try. Their list is as follows:

  1. Black (always available),
  2. White (always available),
  3. Grey (always available),
  4. Golden Buckskin (this is a horse from the Digital Deluxe edition but is also available in the Director's Cut version),
  5. Black with red mane and tail (this horse is unlocked in New Game+. However, if you have bought the title in preorder, this animal is available from the very beginning).

These horses are the same and their abilities do not differ. So, the choice is limited only to which of the animals you like best aesthetically. So, you do not have to think exceptionally deeply about this decision. If you have more questions about the game, it is a good idea to read our guide, where we have prepared a lot of useful tips.

Agnes Adamus

Agnes Adamus

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