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News guides 23 November 2023, 03:39

author: Ewa Ichniowska

How to Build Takeout Counter in Tavern Master

Building a takeout counter in Tavern Master is a good way to attract more customers. Learn how to do it in this guide.

Source: Tavern Master, developer: Untitled Studio

In Tavern Master, you are tasked with managing your own medieval tavern. It involves many tasks, such as assigning workers and expanding the building. One of the additions you can make in order to attract customers is a takeout counter. Find out how to construct it in this guide.

How to Build Takeout Counter in Tavern Master

In order to make a takeout counter, you must first research the technology to do so in the Research Tree. It can be found in the bottom branch, labelled as Takeout.

How to Build Takeout Counter in Tavern Master - picture #1
Tavern Master, developer: Untitled Studio

Once you unlock this technology, you can view the instructions on how to proceed. You will need three basic elements for your tavern to start offering takeout: a wall with a counter (build in the wall section), a takeout counter, and a packing table. But how to actually set it up? We explain below.

How to Build Takeout Counter in Tavern Master - picture #2
Tavern Master, developer: Untitled Studio

In order to build a functional takeout counter:

  1. Move the camera to face the outer walls of your tavern – that is, to be looking at the building from the outside. This is very important, as otherwise, your counter will be installed backwards!
  2. Go to Build mode, and pick the Wall with a counter from the Special tab. You don’t need to demolish a section of a wall to place it! It is built in a normal, existing wall.
  3. Now, switch to Buy mode, pick Special tab, and place the To-Go-Counter on the slot in the wall. The name of this item might be confusing, as it seems you’ve already built a counter, but placing this item will make the menu, a red tablecloth and decorations appear.
  4. Still in Buy mode, go to the Kitchen tab and select the Packing table. Place it near the takeout, inside of the restaurant.
  5. If you want, you can place a small roof over the window from the outside. It’s found in the Decorations tab.
  6. Do not forget to assign waitresses to serve takeout!

What is the ideal spot for the takeout counter? Try building it right on the wall of the kitchen, so the food doesn’t have to be carried a long way.

The maximum number of customers that can line up for takeout is 5, so if you want to serve more people, you will have to build another counter.