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News guides 10 May 2024, 04:50

author: Olga Fiszer

How to Complete Native Negotiations in Gray Zone Warfare (GZW)

Struggling to deliver that briefcase in Native Negotiations task? Check out our Gray Zone Warfare (GZW) guide to learn how to find the Car Repair Shop in town.

Source: Gray Zone Warfare; developer: Madfinger Games

Gray Zone Warfare isn't your average shooter. This game throws you into a dangerous world where you fight for resources, strategize extractions, and face off against ruthless players in an unforgiving environment. Picture the intensity of Escape From Tarkov combined with the high-stakes challenge of survival. Even seemingly simple task like Native Negotiation causes problems for players. Read on, if you want to know how to deliver a briefcase to the car repair shop.

Gray Zone Warfare (GZW) – How to complete Native Negotiation

Native Negotiation is a task in Gray Zone Warfare, which can reward you some reputation with locals, a nice amount of money and valuable experience points. All you have to do is deliver a briefcase, simple as that, yet hard to accomplish. Here’s a quick guide if you’re having troubles with this mission:

  1. Once you accept the quest, take a briefcase from a green table in your command tent at the Base Camp.
  2. Take a helicopter and go to the car repair shop in town. It’s located between the Motel and Town Hall, near the Construction Site.
  3. Defeat all enemies that you encounter in the area and find a white truck on a lift.
  4. Interact with the truck to place the briefcase underneath it and complete the mission.

Make sure you don't lose the briefcase while fighting in town. If you're killed during this task, enemies could seize it, resulting in a failed mission.

Unsure where to drop in Lamang Island? Our Gray Zone Warfare Interactive Map has you covered. Find all the Landing Zones for strategic insertion, explore detailed layouts of every town and hidden settlement, and discover other important locations to navigate the warzone with confidence.

Olga Fiszer

Olga Fiszer

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