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News guides 24 April 2023, 12:44

How to Fix the Letter Bug in Volcano Princess

If you have encountered the letter bug in Volcano Princess, we may help you. In this guide you can find a solution to this problem.

Released on April 21st Volcano Princess is a title that sparked fire in players’ hearts with 96% of positive reviews on Steam. The player is put in shoes of Princess’ father, preparing her to take over the Volcano Kingdom when the time comes. As the father’s wife passed away, he is the only one to parent the daughter. The player not only has to face challenges as the girl’s only protector but can also stumble upon a problem with the game itself. There is a known bug where after getting a letter, the progress can get stuck. Let’s figure out how to fix it.

What is a letter bug

Players have reported that sometimes receiving a letter from game characters may lead to not being able to reply to any letter at all. It seems to be happening at random and there is no specific character that can cause this bug.

As we are still waiting for an official fix for this glitch, game fans have been desperately seeking a solution and they came up with a method for fixing this problem.

How to fix a letter bug

Bear in mind that this is not an official method, and we cannot guarantee that it will work in your case. Some players reported that this fix may break the game’s graphics. You’re doing it at your own risk!

If you would like to give the community method a try, it is highly recommended to backup all the important game files. If you are okay with the risks and have taken all the precautions, follow the steps below:

  1. On your keyboard, press the Windows + R keys. This will open “Run” window.
  2. Type or copy the following sting: steam://open/console
  3. After the steam console is opened, paste the following command: download_depot 1669980 1669981 7590118745015040093
  4. And wait till the “download complete” message to prevent game crashes.
  5. With all that done, exit steam app and go to your steam folder (by default C:\Program Files\Steam) then navigate through following folders “steamapps” > “Content” > “app1669980” > “depot169981”.
  6. Copy all the content of the “depot169981” folder and paste it with replacing everything to local game folder (by default C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\Common\VolcanoPrincess)

Other technical issues

The developers recommend uninstalling the demo version of the game, if there is such installed on your steam account, and turn off Steam Cloud saves functionality for the full version.

They have found that without taking aforementioned actions, the save files can get corrupted effectively breaking them. If you would like to manually backup your progress from Volcano Princess, the save data can be found in the following location (assuming default Steam installation location):


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