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News hardware & software 16 November 2020, 18:50

author: Bartlomiej Sagan

iPhone 12 Launches; Users Report Problems

Another great hardware launch did not go according to plan. Users of the iPhone 12 family of devices report a couple of problems afflicting the new smartphones.

It is rare for the release of new device to go smoothly. As it turns out, in the case of new hardware we can even expect quite significant defects. In this case, we are talking about display that selectively registers the touch of a finger when trying to unlock the phone. If this action, after many attempts, succeeds, then no further trouble is found in further use. It is worth mentioning that the problem seems to concern only iPhone 12 mini, the smallest representative of the latest smartphone series from Apple.

iPhone 12 Launches; Users Report Problems - picture #1
Let's hope Apple doesn't say in its statement that "it's just how it is".

Phantom SMS messages are reported on each iPhone 12 type. Users report messages from group chats that never reach the recipient. Interestingly, there are conflicting reports about whether the problem also applies to older Apple devices. A possible culprit is iOS update 14.2.

The official cause is currently unknown, and the company has not yet issued a statement on the matter. It is up to buyers to wait until an appropriate fix patch is available.