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News movies & tv series 11 February 2024, 22:24

Is Ninja Kamui on Max or Crunchyroll? Where to Watch and Stream New Anime

Want to watch Ninja Kamui? Here's where the violent new anime is available.

Source: Ninja Kamui, Sunghoo Park, Warner Bros. Television, 2024

Ninja Kamui is a complete new series that tells the story of Joe Higan, who left the ranks of his clan and went into hiding in America. Unfortunately, his enemies came across his trail. A group of assassins caught up with him and made sure that he and his loved ones paid the price for his betrayal. After the devastating loss, Joe takes name Ninja Kamui and, as a brutal warrior, seeks to avenge his family and friends by hunting down the clan that taught him everything.

Where to watch Ninja Kamui?

The first two episodes of Ninja Kamui have been well received by critics, and the storyline itself sound intriguing enough that it’ll certainly interest viewers. But where can they watch Ninja Kamui? The anime won’t be hitting the popular platform with productions in this genre, namely Crunchyroll. It’s a series from Adult Swim, which can be streamed on Max. The first episode was added on February 11.

And if anyone is interested in watching on TV, Ninja Kamui can be watched on Saturdays at midnight ET/PT on Toonami on Adult Swim. The first episode debuted on Saturday, February 10.

Note that anime has a TV MA age rating, so it isn’t intended for those under 17.

Below you can watch the Ninja Kamui trailer.

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