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News movies & tv series 09 February 2021, 11:36

Keanu Reeves as Spider-man's Kraven the Hunter?

Keanu Reeves' career seems to be gaining even bigger momentum. According to new information, he may play Kraven the Hunter, one of Spider-Man's iconic adversaries.

  • Keanu Reeves has received an offer to star in a film about Kraven the Hunter;
  • The movie would be part of Sony's comic book universe.
  • The film would focus on Kraven without the participation of Spider-Man.

At the moment, we know that the actor got an offer of such engagement from Sony Pictures. Keanu Reeves would play Kraven in a solo film about this character. This means he would not appear in the sequel to Spider-Man: Far From Home. The film would focus entirely on the Russia master hunter. The actor would thus join a universe called Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters. It is a planned series of features, currently represented only by Venom with Tom Hardy in the lead role.

Kraven is a hunter from Russia who honed his skills while hunting wild animals in Africa. After a long stay on that continent, his hunting prowess developed to a point where no animal or mythical beast could threaten him. This led to a situation where Spider-Man became his target, as the hero was to be the one prey that could provide Kraven with a suitable challenge.

Keanu Reeves as Spider-mans Kraven the Hunter? - picture #1

A movie about Kraven has been in the plans since 2018. It is part of a series of films from Sony that are expected to build a separate universe over time, called the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters. It already includes Venom, and a sequel, subtitled Let There Be Carnage is in the works. Another movie ready for release in theaters is Morbius starring Jared Leto. Kraven played by Keanu Reeves would be the next villain to join the ranks of the aforementioned company's movie universe. Information regarding the director assigned to the project has also already appeared. Talks with the studio are reportedly conducted by J.C. Chandor. This creator is best known for the Netflix original Triple Frontier. However, we'll have to wait for official confirmation on both pieces of info until we get it from Sony itself.

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