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News video games 26 August 2021, 14:04

author: GRG

Kinguin Removes Fake Frostpunk 2 Preorders and Issues a Statement

Kinguin has finally removed the ability to place preorders for Frostpunk 2 keys after a decisive intervention from 11 bit studios.

Two weeks ago, fans of strategy-survival vibes had the opportunity to see the first trailer of Frostpunk 2. Unfortunately, the Polish devs at 11 bit studios still did not provide the game's release date and price, which indicates the early stage of production. However, this did not stop Kinguin, a leading key reseller, from putting the title on the preorder list. This caused a decisive reaction from the game's developers, who appealed to the community to refrain from purchase and make the matter public.

11 bit studios accused the reseller of selling a game that doesn't exist yet and of misleading customers by providing false information regarding the price and age rating. As you can see on the screenshot, preorders were available in the G2Play store (belonging to Kinguin) at a price of 145.89 PLN (roughly $37) and with incorrectly stated age rating (18+), which at the moment has simply not been established yet. Recall that the first Frostpunk has a PEGI 16 rating.

In response, Kinguin initially removed the preorder offer, but it reappeared with different content. Yesterday, however, the platform published a statement about changing its policy on preorders, without directly addressing the issue. Eventually, the preorder's page of Frostpunk 2 was removed from the store.

As you can see, the situation made some waves, but 11 bit studios stood on its own without having to take any legal action. They would be very difficult due to the fact that the company to which Kinguin belongs is registered in Hong Kong. Is this the definitive end of the matter? We'll see. Until Kinguin removed the preorder, the keys appeared and disappeared on several other platforms. Did the people who placed the orders got their money back? We don't know, and it's better to keep that in mind when deciding on a similar purchase.

Frostpunk 2

Frostpunk 2

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