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News guides 15 April 2024, 09:18

author: Damian Gacek

Maximus Role in Fallout 4 (F4) Explained

Maximus is one of the main characters in the newest Fallout TV series. We will tell you what his role in Fallout 4 is.

Source: Fallout 4, developer: Bethesda Game Studios

The latest Fallout TV series is quite a hit. Its popularity has an impact on games too, as we can observe a higher interest in the franchise. Not all people want to play, though. Some of them would like to find information on their favorite characters. For example, one of them is Maximus. Fans wonder about his appearance in Fallout 4. Let’s talk about it.

Maximus in Fallout 4

We know that the TV series is canon, and even chronological order of events in the Fallout universe has been confirmed. Taking this into consideration, you can’t help but wonder about history of characters from the show.

TV series takes place in 2296, it is 9 years after Fallout 4 (2287). It is chronologically the nearest game to the show. So, it is not a surprise that many fans are looking for Maximus in F4. Well, we have to disappoint you, but you will not find him there.

You need to remember that, while relatively close on the timeline, events from the show and game are quite far away geographically. The TV series takes place in ruined Los Angeles, while Fallout 4 is situated in Boston and its surroundings. They are over 4800 km (almost 3000 miles) apart, on different coasts. It is quite convenient reason why Maximus is absent in the game.

Maximus in Fallout Tactics

The only Maximus which we know about, and was confirmed in the games, is from Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel. However, it is impossible that these characters are the same, as the NPC from the game was a Paladin and a leader of Dagger Squad. While the hero from the series is a Squire (much lower rank). What is more, FT and the show are 100 years apart (with Tactics taking place earlier).

Of course, we should not forget that Fallout Tactics is not part of the canon, at least not all of it.

Damian Gacek

Damian Gacek

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