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News movies & tv series 13 February 2024, 03:28

Ninja Kamui with Dub or Sub? Here’s a List of Voice Actors from the Adult Swim Anime

Ninja Kamui is available in English and Japanese. Who is in the voice cast of the anime?

Source: Ninja Kamui, Sunghoo Park, Adult Swim, 2024

Ninja Kamui is a complete novelty. The anime from Adult Swim debuted on February 10 (February 11 in streaming) and has already begun to excite viewers. It's the story of fugitive Joe Higan, who, as the masked Ninja Kamui, has embarked on a path of revenge and is hunting down the clan responsible for the deaths of his loved ones. The killers were warriors on whose side Higan fought before fleeing to America.

The eternal question for anime fans is whether to watch with subtitles or with dubbing? That, of course, is for everyone to judge for themselves, but we can help by preparing for you a list of who is dubbing the Ninja Kamui characters. Perhaps this will guide you to the answer.

You can watch Ninja Kamui on Max in both English and Japanese versions. In the Toonami programming block on the Adult Swim channel, you'll see the dubbed anime on premiere days at midnight, while three hours later it’ll be broadcasted in Japanese with English subtitles.

Ninja Kamui – voice cast

The cast of Ninja Kamui includes recognizable voices. For example, Joe’s VA has previously lent his voice to Kento Nanami from Jujutsu Kaisen, Jigen from Boruto, and Kai Chisaki from Boku no Hero Academia. Luci Christian, on the other hand, you may know as Nami from One Piece.


Japanese VA

English VA

Joe „Higan” Logan

Kenjirou Tsuda

Gabriel Regojo (Logan) / Jeremy Gee (Higan)

Sara Logan

Yuriko Hino

Chaney Moore

Kyle Logan

Arata Kimura

Noble Hutchison

Mike Moriss

Atsushi Ono

Shawn Hamilton

Emma Samanda

Yuki Wakai

Luci Christian

Boss Ninja

Tomoyuki Shimura

Heath Morrow

Ninja Kamui – Japanese trailer

Ninja Kamui – English trailer

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