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News guides 28 March 2024, 03:08

author: Olga Fiszer

Outpost Infinity Siege - Controller Support Explained

Wondering if Outpost Infinity Siege supports a controller? Here’s everything you need to know.

Source: Outpost Infinity Siege; developer: Team Ranger

Outpost Infinity Siege blends together first-person shooter, base building, and tower defence. Released on March 26, 2024, the game puts you in a mobile outpost, challenging you to venture into dangerous zones to fight off enemies. Customize your base and upgrade your defences to survive. Outpost Infinity Siege is exclusively available for PC on Steam, but does it support a controller? Read on to find out more.

Controller Support in Outpost Infinity Siege

Officially, Outpost Infinity Siege does not currently support controllers. There is a discussion thread on the Steam Community where players are requesting this feature, so it may be added in the future. However, for now, the game is designed to be played with a keyboard and mouse only.

There are a couple of reasons why games with RTS elements are tricky with a controller. A mouse offers superior precision. Controllers rely on thumbsticks which aren’t ideal for pinpoint accuracy, especially when selecting multiple units or targeting smaller icons. RTS games often involve issuing many commands quickly using hotkeys. A keyboard and mouse allow it to happen instantaneously, while a controller usually requires navigating menus or button combinations which can be slower and less intuitive.

Some RTS games offer simplified interfaces and controller customization with button mapping and modes to utilize the controller’s features, but it often feels less efficient than the classic mouse and keyboard setup.

Olga Fiszer

Olga Fiszer

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Outpost: Infinity Siege

Outpost: Infinity Siege