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News video games 12 December 2021, 20:37

author: Paul Musiolik

Persona 3 Portable May Get a Remaster

According to a tipster who accurately predicted the creation of the Persona 4 Arena Ultimax remaster, the next game to be refreshed by Atlus will be Persona 3 Portable.

  1. Persona 3 Portable could be remastered and released on multiple platforms.

There's a good chance that Persona 3 Portable will be getting a remaster soon. As reported by NintendoEnthusiast, Zippo, the informant who reported of plans to refresh Persona 4 Arena Ultimax a few months ago (which was confirmed at The Game Awards), also wrote about Atlus' similar plans for the portable version of Persona 3.

His note on the subject is not very fulsome. The entire content is encapsulated in a pictorial confirmation of an earlier leak and a single sentence:

"Oh, and Persona 3 Portable is getting a remaster. Multiplatform."

Such a move won't come as too much of a surprise. Some time ago Atlus informed that it had several announcements planned to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Persona series and until the release of Persona 4 Golden, it was the third installment that was the most popular.

Originally released for PlayStation 2, the game was ported to PlayStation Portable, which added a female playable character, the option to control other party members, and a few changes to improve the gameplay (mainly QoL - quality of life). However, most of the exploration and an additional scenario were omitted, so it's hard to recognize Persona 3 Portable as the definitive version.

  1. Persona - official anniversary website

Paul Musiolik

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Persona 3 Portable

Persona 3 Portable