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News hardware & software 25 October 2016, 11:54

author: luckie

PlayStation VR is a worldwide bestseller

Everyone seems to want a PlayStation VR nowadays. The device is already out of stock in both US and UK Amazon, while other markets report sales numbers going through the roof.

PlayStation VR is the latest hot stuff. Only one day after it’s worldwide release on October 13, PlayStation 4’s dedicated virtual reality headset was officially reported to turn profit (that’s what Polygon was told by Shawn Layden, a key figure at Sony), which is exactly what the publisher predicted back in March. A little over a week has passed, and PS VR had been sold out by both American and British Amazon, a major online retailer (thanks, PowerUpGaming). There is no telling when the stock will be refilled again.

While it’s still possible to grab it from other stores across the US and the UK, this shows how popular the device is. Meanwhile in Japan, Sony managed to move 51,644 PS VR units within the first three days of it beeing available on the market. We’re still waiting for the official worldwide sale numbers.

PS VR is designed specifically for the PS4 console, however, it has been reported by users that the headset also works with PC, Xbox One, Wii U and other divices with HDMI, although it only serves there as a standard 2D display. On the other hand, even when paired with another device, PS VR still requires constant PS4 connection.

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