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News video games 07 June 2023, 17:10

author: Adam Celarek

'You Can Pirate, but Consider Supporting' - Postal Devs on Piracy and Resellers

The negative attitude of game developers towards computer piracy is quite expected. However, the creators of the Postal series surprised the fans with a rather unusual view of the issue.

The topic of piracy in the context of the gaming industry has been electrifying the community for decades. Cases such as the controversial verdict in Gary Bowser's case from 2021 spark strong emotions in the gaming community.

A rather original opinion on the illegal acquisition of games was recently shared by developers from Running With Scissors. According to the developers, a more serious threat to the industry may be hiding somewhere else.

A post of understanding

In a Twitter post yesterday, Running With Scissors clearly signaled its attitude to software piracy.:

The understanding, liberal attitude has aroused admiration among many Internet users. Answering questions from players, American developers pointed out that a current pirate can become a regular customer in the future.

The developers, however, made sure that the message related to the need for financial support of game development studios also resonated clearly.. This is a topic that is particularly important in the sphere of independent games:

The actual threat

The tweet describing the studio's attitude toward piracy was an expansion of an earlier post in which Running With Scissors warned gamers against buying digital keys from unofficial stores and from resellers trading similar merchandise..

The topic of digital key reselling stores has been inflaming the industry for years. According to the creators of Postal such entities pose an even greater threat to development studios (especially independent ones) than piracy.

"After all, a pirate can legally buy our games through Steam, GOG, our website, etc. A person who bought a key from a reseller simply won't do so, because there is already a game in their account. [...]"

"We sympathize with people pirating Postal 3".

In the comments section under the studio's posts, a lively discussion developed regarding the industry's attitude toward piracy. Among the contributions, however, were many that alluded to the infamous Postal 3. Aware of the poor quality of the game creators quoted fan posts in a funny way.

"I pirated Postal 3," wrote Kim

I feel for your hard drive," responded RWS studio.

"I pirated Postal 2 a long time ago... I've since bought all the parts... Even the third one," wrote Smoak (Millennial Disney)

"I can't even recommend pirating Postal 3, it is absolute garbage, responded" RWS

Adam Celarek

Adam Celarek

He has been interested in video games since an early age. He graduated film studies and new media, and defended his thesis on ludology. He started working at Gamepressure in early 2023. He is primarily a guide writer. Enthusiast of RPGs, unconventional indie games and competitive e-sports titles (mainly brawlers and MOBAs). In addition to games, he's also interested in table-top role-playing games and collectible card games. A fan of old-school technology and retro style!


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