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News video games 12 December 2023, 06:37

author: Maciej Gaffke

Previous Game by The Day Before Devs 'Changed' Makers; Players Call Another Scam

After the resounding failure of The Day Before, studio Fntastic changed the name on one of its previous games available on Steam. This did not escape the attention of gamers, who pointed out to the developers may be planning another scam.

Source: Fntastic / Eight Points

After the spectacular failure of The Day Before the developers announced the end of their business. The studio in question is, of course, Fntastic, which is currently salvaging what it can, changing, for example, the name of the developer on the Steam card of one of its previous works.

Fntastic is now Eight Points

Gamers are vigilant, which is why they instantly noticed the moves made by Fntastic. The studio has decided to remove its current name and replace it with the name 'Eight Points' on the card of The Wild Eight on Steam.

Previous Game by The Day Before Devs Changed Makers; Players Call Another Scam - picture #1

Changing the name of the developerSteamDB

  1. By changing the name, the developer probably wanted to avoid another wave of negative comments that would have flooded their older title.
  2. Along with the "new" developer name, a discount of a few tens of percent was also introduced on Steam for The Wild Eight, which is probably intended to attract those unaware of the confusion surrounding Fntastic.
  3. As it turns out, the erasure of the "discredited" name did little. Valve's platform users loudly warn about the actions of the developer, who, according to them, by changing the name wants to deceive more players.

At the moment, "recent reviews" (issued in the previous 30 days) for The Wild Eight are mostly negative. Interestingly, the game generally still enjoys a fairly good reception among the community. Currently, it can boast nearly eight thousand reviews, 70% of which are positive.

The Wild Eight is currently the only Fntastic game that has "changed" developers. Another game by the creators of the infamous The Day Before - Propnight - still has the said studio name written on the card (although attempts have been made to change it, as can be seen on SteamDB).

Fntastic asked for forgiveness

Recall that last week launched the early access of The Day Before and literally a day before the event, the studio released an announcement, in which it apologized to players and at the same time asked them not to call them scammers.

Those interested eventually started their adventure in the game, but they did not like what they got, to put it mildly. As a result, Fntastic announced the end of its operations and together with Steam and publisher Myton are working on refunds for all players who will apply for them.

Maciej Gaffke

Maciej Gaffke

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