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News 08 March 2019, 22:27

author: Darius Matusiak

Ready or Not - First Gameplay from Spiritual Successor to SWAT

Ready or Not – a tactical shooter in which we play the role of an AT team member, has just received a lot of new facts and a gameplay video. The materials were presented during a special stream.

After almost two years of relative silence, Void Interactive organized a special stream, during which they shared some facts about their upcoming tactical shooter Ready or Not and presented a video with extensive fragments of the game. The game is described as the spiritual successor to the famous SWAT series, especially its fourth installment from 2005. Ready or Not will also enable us to play the role of a member of the police AT unit, and our objective will often be to overpower and arrest opponents rather than simply stuff them full of lead.

Ready or Not will take us into modern-day United States, plagued by an exceptional wave of violence and chaos. The main mode of the game will be a classic story campaign for sole player, in which we will lead the virtual members of a SWAT team using the command system. There will also be an option to play in cooperation and a lot of multiplayer PvP clashes. There will also be dedicated servers and mod support.

The game is created with the participation of real SWAT operators, and the authors promise a large dose of realism and methods to complete the mission. The most interesting are announcements of randomly generated elements, e.g. in terms of trap placement, enemies and hostages. Civilians are supposed to behave in an unpredictable way, and we will have a lot of "non-lethal" tools at our disposal, such as rubber ball guns, flashbang grenades or tasers.

The footage shows an impressive number of ways to enter through a door - from opening them, through the use of ram, shooting through the locks, to simply kicking them down. It will also be possible to cut off electricity, spray tear gas in the room or give an order to a hidden sniper. In addition, there will be a large selection of classic weapons, and the combination of modern helmets and drones with a venerable version of the M-16 rifle allows us to believe that players will receive a really large number of "toys" to use.

The release of Ready or Not has so far been loosely scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2020, but it is possible to place a pre-order on the official website of the creators. Those who buy the more expensive version for $120 will receive access to closed alpha tests in August this year, a 25% discount on the first DLC and the FBI Hostage Rescue Team package, which will include a member of the unit, weapon skins and a ballistic shield. Both they and those who choose the standard version at a price of $40 will take part in closed beta tests in June 2020. We'll have to wait for the game a little bit longer, but we must admit that it looks very promising and reminds us of the good old SWAT 4.

Darius Matusiak

Darius Matusiak

Graduate of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Journalism. He started writing about games in 2013 on his blog on, from where he quickly moved to the Reviews and Editorials department of Gamepressure. Sometimes he also writes about movies and technology. A gamer since the heyday of Amiga. Always a fan of races, realistic simulators and military shooters, as well as games with an engaging plot or exceptional artistic style. In his free time, he teaches how to fly in modern combat fighter simulators on his own page called Szkola Latania. A huge fan of arranging his workstation in the "minimal desk setup" style, hardware novelties and cats.


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