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News hardware & software 05 January 2020, 22:09

author: Paul Wozniak

S-Pod is Self-balancing Vehicle From Segway

At this year's CES 2020 hardware fair, Segway will be presenting the new electric vehicle called S-Pod. It's a two-wheeled chair, which is supposed to be an upgraded version of the classic Segway used, for example by security staff.

Here's how S-Pod looks.

On January 7 , theCES 2020 hardware fair will begin, during which Segway will present a new two-wheeled vehicle, S-Pod. This vehicle resembles an electric chair and is designed for everyone, even perfectly healthy users. The idea behind its design was to create a better version of the classic Segway (i.e. a two-wheeled electric vehicle, which is used, among others, by airport and shopping centre security staff), which does not cause back and leg pain even after prolonged use.

The vehicle will be able to accelerate to 40 km/h, and a fully charged battery will allow it to travel up to 60 kilometres. It will be controlled by a special panel or joystick. CES 2020 participants will be able to test the device. In the picture below you can take a close look at Segway's new design.

For the time being, it is not known how much S-Pod will cost or when exactly it will be available on sale. The price will probably be a key factor in deciding whether the vehicle will be accepted in the market at all. It can be assumed that among ordinary users, it will not outshine the popularity of e.g. electric scooters.