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News video games 19 March 2021, 18:06

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

The Evil Within on Xbox Game Pass is Pretty Much a Remaster

The Evil Within appeared on Xbox Game Pass and Microsoft Store on PC. It turns out that the game published on these services is a different version than the one available on Steam.

  • The Evil Within PC on Xbox Game Pass and in Microsoft Store is different from the Steam version;
  • There are several improvements in the game, such as the first-person mode;
  • The game also includes all DLC.

As of March 12, as many as 20 Bethesda games are available in Xbox Game Pass. It is connected with the official acquisition of the company by Microsoft. Among the titles offered in the subscription there is also the survival horror The Evil Within. PC gamers have discovered that the game differs from that available on Steam or consoles. Changes are so significant that some people began to consider the Game Pass version to be de facto a remaster.

The most significant improvement over the regular edition is the introduction of first-person view. This is a change that can completely transform the perception of the game. In the case of a survival horror, this is certainly a big advantage. In addition to this, the ability to adjust the field of view and camera shake has also been added. Players now also have access to infinite ammo mode, and by default the available amount of stamina is sufficient for 5 seconds of sprinting instead of 3.

In addition, the PC version available on Xbox Game Pass and Microsoft Store includes all released DLC and a separate achievement list has been created for it. Players also claim that The Evil Within on Xbox Game Pass or Microsoft Store edition is smoother and experiences less frequent fps drops. This change, however, is more difficult to assess without creating a direct comparison with the version released on Steam. The first to report these differences was a YouTube user known as Jigzaw_Killer. He is a speedrunner of The Evil Within and games from the Resident Evil series.

The Evil Within

The Evil Within

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