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News video games 05 July 2022, 13:18

author: Miriam Moszczynska

This LoL Champion Needs a Nerf ASAP

Patch 12.10 nerfed healing in LoL, though it apparently did so insufficiently. Streamer Tyler1 found this out during one of his games against Yuumi.

League of Legends has some characters whose sight gives us shivers, because we know there's hell to come when we see them. We might expect it to be some powerful champion of the likes of Darius, Swain or Jarvan IV, but in the meantime it is... Yuumi.

Healing, healing and no end in sight

Tyler1, one of the most recognizable LoL streamers found out just how strong Yuumi is at the moment. During one of his matches, he encountered this character on the opposing team, and she provided an incredible amount of healing late in the match.

In an excerpt from the stream, we see support sticking to Kayn, the opposing jungler. This character already has quite a bit of healing abilities in his own right, including his E, or a passive ability in the form of Darkin. Not to mention the corresponding items.

However, it is not Kayn who is the issue here, but Yuumi. Or rather, it's her character design.

Yuumi unbeatable?

For those who are not familiar with the character, first of all, it should be noted that the heroine does not move on her own most of the time. Read: the player is not responsible for the character's movements. This is due to the fact that Yuumi spends almost the entire game tied to some other player's character.

As befits a supporter, Yuumi's abilities mainly focus on the character she's attached to. What's more, if we are already helping our ADC, for example, only he receives damage. Yuumi only casts spells.

At this point, a tactical problem arises, when the heroine abandons her lane and helping, for example, a stronger jungler. As was the case in Tyler's game.

"I'm the Samira! This game was such a joke man lmao, my Yuumi left lane at level 6 and they just killed the entire map over and over with the Kayn while they turbofucked me 1v3 botlane," wrote. Part_The_Sea.

That's just how the meta is now

Tyler1 points out that currently the meta focuses precisely on caster heroes. When checking the strongest heroes, for example, on METAsrc, we can see that the in S tier (the best) the second best character is, thet's right, Yuumi.

This LoL Champion Needs a Nerf ASAP - picture #1
Source: METAsrc

It is also worth noting that Yuumi interacts not only with Kayne.. Youtuber Vandiril shared a video, where we can see how the heroine strengthens Nilah - a new character that will appear on the official servers in patch 12.13.

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