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News video games 01 June 2023, 16:33

author: Kamil Kleszyk

„Todd Howard is Elon Musk of gaming” Says the Former's Long-time Colleague

During an exhilarating conversation hosted by Gamepressure, the esteemed video game music composer Inon Zur revealed his deep admiration for the legendary game designer and producer, Todd Howard.

Source: Bethesda Softworks

Our editorial team had the pleasure of interviewing Inon Zur – a world-famous composer of music for movies, TV shows, and computer games. The artist, known for their work on series such as Dragon Age, Fallout, Prince of Persia, Syberia, and Baldur's Gate, is currently creating the soundtrack for the highly anticipated game, Starfield. So we took the opportunity and during the conversation, we also discussed the aforementioned RPG from Bethesda.

Well, it's true that Zur couldn't reveal too much, because he's bound by a confidentiality clause with his employers, but he didn't hide his excitement for the title. The composer, who has been working on the soundtrack for Starfield for 7 years, assured that he is particularly confident about the quality of music in the game. Below, you can read a fragment of the conversation:

After 7 years spent working on Starfield, believe me, I feel like you as we too are very excited for the game. Obviously I can't speak much about the game yet but I can tell you I'm very confident about the music we did. I am saying we, because it is a collaborative effort with Mark Lampert and Todd Howard. In fact today, in the night, I had a meeting with Todd Howard about Starfield. It's an exciting time!

So, since the composer has been working with Howard for many years, we asked what he thinks about the legendary game designer and producer. Interestingly, Zur compared his colleague to... Elon Musk. And it is not about a propensity to causing controversy, but rather about the fact that, like the owner of Tesla, he is a visionary.

About working with Todd Howard – how would you describe it?

I think he’s a genius. He’s always a few steps ahead of humanity, like an Elon Musk of gaming. Except he was the Elon Musk way before Elon Musk. And they actually know each other.

It's hard not to agree with Zur here. For a few decades now, Todd Howard has been impressing the gaming industry with his amazing ideas. It's enough to remember that the developer's achievements include such series as The Elder Scrolls and Fallout. IGN, in turn, featured him on the list of 100 best computer game creators of all time.

What else have we learned during our conversation with Ion Zur? You will find out about it on Saturday (i.e. June 3rd), as that's when the full interview with the composer will be published on Gamepressure.

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