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News hardware & software 22 April 2020, 16:42

author: Mateusz Popielak

Turns out Sensitive Data of 270 Million People are Not Worth Much

The profiles of millions of Facebook users have leaked to the Dark Web. They could be bought in the form of a list for 500 euros.

You can easily buy pack of stolen data on the Dark Web.
  1. A list in the Dark Web included data of 267 million people;
  2. The information therein is sensitive, but does not contain passwords;
  3. The list cost 500 euros;
  4. It is possible to check whether our data is included in the leak;

Facebook has repeatedly faced data leak problems. We are not sure how this particular privacy breach came to being, but we know that it was huge. The Cyble Group found an offer in the Dark Web with the data of 267 million FB users. The price was only 500 euros. The data can be used for hacking attacks or simply spam.

The list contains the following information:

  1. name;
  2. surname;
  3. age;
  4. e-mail address;
  5. phone number;
  6. profile id;
  7. the data of the last connection to the website;
  8. status.

It would appear that if someone has this data in their profile, we can easily find it. However, much of this information may be hidden. Age, phone number, or e-mail do not have to be publicly available.

Turns out Sensitive Data of 270 Million People are Not Worth Much - picture #2
The Cyble Group bought the stolen data.

After purchasing and verifying the list, the Cyble team decided to add it to their website, where we can check if our email address is among other leaked data.

Those whose information has leaked are advised to change their passwords. The fact that they are not on the lists does not mean that they cannot be in someone's possession.

  1. Cyble - official website