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News video games 07 November 2022, 14:37

author: Adam Adamczyk

Warm Snow Builds Explained

In Warm Snow you can create many interesting character builds. Thanks to this guide you will learn what to pay attention to when creating your own build.

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Warm Snow is a very interesting roguelike game with RPG elements, in which we traverse a vast land, fight enemies and advance the character we direct. In Warm Snow you can create many effective builds, and in this guide you will learn how to do it and what to pay attention to..

Choosing sects

In order to advance your character, you must choose statues that provide a variety of powers. One of them is unlocked at the beginning of the game, four are unlocked after defeating a chapter boss, and the last one is found after defeating Book Faces.

  1. Seven-Sword Shura

This is a good choice for those focusing on melee combat. The skills focus on increasing damage dealt and movement speed, making it relatively easy to escape from enemies.

  1. Carousing Acalantha

This is the second statue, unlocked after defeating the boss of Chapter 1. It is a good idea to choose skills that deal fire damage and increase fire damage. Burst mode enables you to fire flaming projectiles that deal a lot of damage, which is very useful in the early stages of the game.

  1. Mother Trinity

Mother Trinity is a bleed/poison statue that is accessed after killing a certain number of Book Faces. For this reason, it can be unlocked at different times, depending on your progress in the game. It is best to choose skills that increase poison and bleeding damage. It's also worth choosing Blood Splatter, as it has an infinite number of bullets, so you can shoot continuously while dealing damage and healing at the same time.

  1. Infinite Arhat

In this case, Sword Rain is worth betting on, as it deals a lot of damage against single targets such as bosses. Bet on reduced projectile cooldown and flying sword damage. Pay attention to the reduced sheath cooldown, as this significantly increases damage.

  1. Bitter River Bodhi

Bitter River can be unlocked after completing the third chapter. This statue centers around the freezing effect. Ice Breaker Fang is crucial for this build, as it doubles all damage against enemies that are frozen and gives you a 5% chance to instantly kill an enemy that is not a boss. Choose skills that increase speed and frost damage.

  1. Thunderfury Vajra

It's worth choosing Swift Shadow over Wild Thunder, as this skill definitely performs better in the later stages of the game. Pay special attention to skills that increase lightning damage, flying sword damage and cooldown reduction.

Sample build

In the game you can create many interesting builds, and the one described in this guide will be perfect for people, who like to fight at a distance. For this reason, it is worth betting on skills that deal poison damage, so that you can attack multiple enemies at once and defeat them without having to constantly fight in close quarters. Therefore, a good choice would be the Mother Trinity statue, described above, with the Infestation skill..

A great choice for an additional skill would be King Hit, which enables you to deal 275% more damage to opponents who have a full health bar.. Thanks to this, if you deal very high base damage, you can defeat enemies with one hit.

Thus, an example initial build looks as follows:

  1. Mother Trinity - Infestation
  2. Main Skill - King Hit
  3. Core - Ghostly Stand
  4. Power - Zombie Finger
  5. Agility - Thinder Stone
  6. Skill - Bruise Herb
Warm Snow

Warm Snow

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