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News movies & tv series 01 April 2024, 23:35

When Does Octonauts Leave Netflix and Where Else Can You Watch This Kids’ TV Show?

Octonauts will soon leave Netflix. Fortunately, the series is also available elsewhere. Here's where you can find it.

Source: Octonauts, Meomi: Vicki Wong & Michael C. Murphy, CBeebies, 2010

Octonauts, the animated TV series for kids that takes them on a journey through an amazing underwater world inhabited by friendly animals, is available on Netflix, at least for a while longer. Soon, however, 4 seasons of the production will leave the popular streaming platform, which could be problematic for its fans and their parents.

When will Octonauts leave Netflix?

Octonauts episodes can be watched on Netflix until April 30, 2024, after this date the TV show will leave the platform. Whether and when the production will return to it is unknown, no information on this subject has been released, so for now you have to resign yourself to the idea that this is the last month with Octonauts on Netflix.

Where else to watch Octonauts?

Fortunately, Octonauts is available not only on Netflix. 3 seasons of the TV series can be watched on the streaming platform Hoopla. In addition, access to Octonauts episodes can be purchased on Amazon, Apple TV and Google Play. The 4 seasons of the children's series can be found on these three services.

Episodes of the TV series in their entirety are also being added to the Octonauts channel on YouTube, for now you will find season 1 there. However, it can be assumed that more will be added in the future as well, although due to the fact that new episodes are added every week, this may take some time.

Octonauts TV show has also been released on DVD, so if anyone collects physical copies, after the TV series disappears from Netflix, they may be interested in purchasing the discs, which feature 4 seasons of the series about the underwater adventures of animals.

Edyta Jastrzebska

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