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Age of Wonders Planetfall Guide

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Kir'Ko | Factions in Age of Wonders Planetfall Age of Wonders Planetfall guide, tips

Last update: 26 August 2019

The Kir'Ko faction featured in Age of Wonders: Planetfall is very similar to the Zerg known from the StarCraft series. They are characterized by great melee, rapid development and the ability to create large armies, as well as increased regeneration of troops. In this section, you will learn the features of the Kir'Ko faction, which technologies are worth unlocking as soon as possible and read a few tips related to the gameplay of this faction.

Kir'Ko - features

Kir'Ko faction stands out from the others due to the following features:

  1. Uses of two types of weapons- Bio and Psi weapons. Thanks to them, the units mainly deal Bio and Psi damage.
  2. Rapid population growth and large armies.
  3. Swarm Shields protect troops during combat.
  4. Focus on melee.
  5. Racial abilities: Swarm Shields and Faster Regeneration.

Kir'Ko units are dealing mainly one of two types of damage - Bio or Psi. Biochemical damage is great for destroying enemy armor, as most of these types of attacks are able to destroy armor points upon a hit. Some of these attacks are also capable of inflicting Poison, reducing a unit's morale and dealing specific damage each turn. Psi attacks work well against heavily armored targets - they bypass any armor. Most of these attacks are also able to inflict various negative effects on the enemy, weakening them even more.

KirKo units are best in melee combat. - KirKo | Factions in Age of Wonders Planetfall - Factions - Age of Wonders Planetfall Guide
Kir'Ko units are best in melee combat.

The most important characteristics of this faction are Swarm Shield and Faster Regeneration. Swarm Shield adds +2 shield points to all Kir'Ko units equipped with it and those standing on the adjacent field. The majority of Kir'Ko units are equipped with a Swarm Shield meaning that you will get this effect without any problems. The units of this faction are characterized by excellent regenerative abilities - Kir'Ko has access to enhancements that automatically restore their health points or even bring a dead unit back to life. In addition, a significant portion of the improvements passively increases the health of units.

Kir'Ko armies are focused on dealing melee damage - the majority of their units are able to fight only in close combat, or have their most powerful attacks limited to this distance. This means that you need to be much more aggressive by rushing at enemy positions.

Technologies worth unlocking as soon as possible

Regeneration is a must-have for this faction. - KirKo | Factions in Age of Wonders Planetfall - Factions - Age of Wonders Planetfall Guide
Regeneration is a must-have for this faction.

While playing as the Kir'Ko, you should get the following technologies:

  1. Unshackling from the Faction Tech tree. It unlocks two very useful modifications - one allows you to improve the accuracy of units fighting at a distance, the second strengthens the melee units, allowing them to destroy enemy armor.
  2. Regeneration from the Faction Tech tree. Unlocks one of the best improvements in the game - Accelerated Healing. It passively increases the number of health points of the individual unit by 5 and the unit can regenerate 15% of max health every turn in a battle. In addition, this improvement restores all lost health points of units at the beginning of the player's turn.
  3. Frontier Policies from the Doctrine tree - opens the Colonizer unit, as well as two very useful doctrines that can be activated during the next turns.

These three technologies are an absolute must-have and should always be unlocked first.


Below you can check a few tips on how to play as this faction:

  1. During battles, focus on eliminating enemies at a close distance. Kir'Ko units are great at close range, and their regeneration ability allows them to recover lost health points meaning that charging at enemy positions won't be as painful.
  2. Don't forget that the Kir'Ko also have access to powerful ranged units. They cannot be compared to Vanguard units, but they can still deal some damage. Also, Psi units can also inflict negative status effects.
  3. The most important technology during the first turns for Kir'Ko is Regeneration. Accelerated Healing should be installed on each unit - this will allow for riskier actions during battles and fully regenerate units' health points at the start of each turn.
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