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Agony Game Guide

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Starting tips for Agony Agony Game Guide and Walkthrough

Last update: 04 June 2018

Below you will find a handful of tips that will make playing Agony a much easier experience. They will allow you to explore the world freely and avoid death. These tips are designed to let you explore the gameworld easily. They will help you understand what needs to be done to make the game much easier and calmer, despite the darkness of Agony's world.

Keep your head down!

There are demons around every corner. Distinguishing them from your regular hellmates can be tricky. Hence, you should be careful when exploring the environment and slow down every time you approach a corner, in order to make sure there are no nasty surprises waiting.

Pay close attention to the environment

Agony contains loads of collectables. In order to be able to snatch them, you have to get really close. Try to walk near items and - if that's only possible - interact with them. This will allow you to find more vital notes and save games. That will of course make the game a bit easier.

Soul mirrors

Instead of automatic saves, Agony only uses manual ones - Starting tips for Agony - Starting Tips - Agony Game Guide

Instead of automatic saves, Agony only uses manual ones. They can be found inside Souls Mirrors. These are the things hanging on the walls that look like a bunch of human arms coming out of a painting. Just approach it and interact with it, and voila - the game's saved.

The astral links will guide you

Should you ever get lost in the hellish abysses of Agony, just click F. Colorful streaks of light will appear on the screen to show you the way. Just remember they're not infinite. You cannot check how many are available to you at the time, though.


There are statues scattered around hell. These are Agony's collectables. In order to collect them, you have to approach them closely and press E. The statues don't appear anywhere in the inventory.

The apples

You will encounter some golden apple trees in the game - Starting tips for Agony - Starting Tips - Agony Game Guide

You will encounter some golden apple trees in the game. Eat an apple to get a skill point. You can then use it in the skill tree.

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