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Battlefield 2042 Guide

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Battlefield 2042: Beginner's tips Battlefield 2042 guide, walkthrough

This Battlefield 2042 guide page contains tips to get you started.

Last update: 13 December 2021

On this page of the guide to Battlefield 2042, you'll find some beginner's tips. You will learn here how to start your adventure with the game.

Get to know all specialist

Instead of the standard character classes, the game presents a group of specialists with unique traits. Therefore, try all of them and see which one suits you best.

Maps are not one open space - Battlefield 2042: Beginners tips - Basics - Battlefield 2042 Guide

Use the elements of the environment

Maps are not one open space. There are hills, plants, or buildings. It is good to use these objects to gain an advantage over the opponent.

For example, lying in tall bushes, you will be harder to notice. This gives you a few extra seconds after opening fire for your opponent to fire back.

Pay attention to weather

An important element of the gameplay are weather conditions. At some times of the game, a message will appear informing about event like a tornado or sandstorm. As soon as this happens, visibility will drop dramatically, and the minimap will become useless.

You can use such weather to your advantage. You can use it to defend or attack a given point more effectively. At this point, it is easy to remain unnoticed and, for example, to flank opponents.

Tornado on the Kaleidoscope map. - Battlefield 2042: Beginners tips - Basics - Battlefield 2042 Guide
Tornado on the Kaleidoscope map.

Change the scope of the weapon

Each of the weapons has many scopes that offer different zooms. If you are fighting with a weapon that works well at close and long-distance, then it is good to constantly change the sights to adapt to the distance from which you will be shooting.

When you fight at closer distances, the sight that gives a magnification of at least 2.0 will limit your field of view. Therefore, it is better to simply remove it in a given situation.

Check the weapon spread

Each weapon has a spread. This means that as if you shoot for too long, the target will move from the point you originally aimed. So, it is good to check how the weapon you have chosen works. At the very beginning of the game, you will find a wall. Shoot the whole magazine in its direction. That way, you'll see how it spread.

Adjust mouse sensitivity

Adjusting the sensitivity of the mouse is an important step that affects the comfort of the game. The higher it is, the faster your character moves. Therefore, in the settings, adjust the sensitivity in such a way that you can play most comfortably.

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