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Beat Cop Game Guide

Beat Cop Game Guide

Lay down the law! Beat Cop game guide many valuable hints and advice that will help you in finding yourself in the brutal world of Brooklyn streets. It tells about factions, about the daily work of a police officer and about the available story missions.

Last update: 10 April 2017

The guide to Beat Cop contains many valuable hints and advice that will help you in finding yourself in the brutal world of Brooklyn streets. In the guide you will find information about factions and how to gain their respect and friendship and how to make them angry. The guide contains advice related to daily work of a police officer - writing down the tickets, participating in interventions and patrolling. In the game you will be helping citizens, the Police, the Mob or the Crew. Here you will find description of longer missions and their outcomes. The guide also explains the main story plot related to stealing diamonds from senator's vault.

Beat Cop is an unusual game that presents a typical work of a policeman in New York. The game combines time management with adventure game traits, action sequences and logical puzzles. Jack Kelly is degraded from a detective position to a regular policeman. Your task is to issue tickets, capture petty criminals and help the regular citizens of your district. Somewhere between these activities you will have to fight organized crime... or join it and help the Mob, the Crew or both factions. This will impact your earnings, relations with your boss and the citizens of the district.

In the guide to Beat Cop you will find:

  1. Advice to many aspects of the gameplay;
  2. Map of the area, description of some locations;
  3. Descriptions of factions;
  4. Advice related to daily activities;
  5. Description of side missions and the main case of the game.

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About Beat Cop Game Guide

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Guide contains : 11 pages, 46 images.

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Beat Cop Video Game

  • genre: Adventure

  • developer: Pixel Crow
  • publisher: 11 bit studios
  • platform: PC

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