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Bioshock Game Guide

Table of Contents

Fort Frolic (1) | Bioshock Walkthrough Bioshock guide, walkthrough

Last update: 04 February 2020

This page of the BioShock game guide contains the first part of the Fort Frolic walkthrough. This Chapter deals for the first time with the strange artist Sander Cohen. Important objects to search for are the Power to the People station and the Gatherer's Garden, which allows you to buy several new plasmids.

LEVEL INFORMATION - Fort Frolic (1) | Bioshock Walkthrough - Walkthrough - Bioshock Game Guide


Number of recordings: 15

Number of weapon upgrade stations: 2

The Number Of Sisters: 3

New weapons: Crossbow



Hypnotize Big Daddy II (For saving 9 girls)

Extra Nutrition II

Incinerate! II (to buy)

Electric Flesh

Winter Blast II (to buy)

Alarm Expert

Insect Swarm II

Medical Expert II


Frozen Field


Hacking Expert II (to buy)


Bloodlust (to craft at U-Invent)


Booze Hound (to craft at U-Invent)


Hacker's Delight II (to craft at U-Invent)

01-go to the bathysphere station. Along the way, you will see a machine that predicts the future, and a slot machine-you can play with them.

02 - when you get to the station, the bathysphere will be blocked and Sander Cohen will talk to you. Go back to the corridor and you will be attacked by a bunch of Spider Splicers. As soon as you eliminate them, go South.

03-wait for Cohen to finish speaking. Go South, to Le Marquis D'Epoque.

04-explore the entire area of this diner. Here you will find 2 recordings and the power to people station.

Recording: "come to the record store" - Cobb

Recording: "The Wild Bunny" - Sander Cohen

Recording: "Artist's Feud" - Sullivan

1 - Fort Frolic (1) | Bioshock Walkthrough - Walkthrough - Bioshock Game Guide
05-This is where the weapon upgrade station is located, as well as another recording - Fort Frolic (1) | Bioshock Walkthrough - Walkthrough - Bioshock Game Guide

05-This is where the weapon upgrade station is located, as well as another recording.

Recording: "Fancy cigarettes " - Milonakis

06 - now go back to the main lobby and climb stairs A. At the top you will find the recording and the Gatherer's Garden. There are a few new things to buy: hacking expert 2, Incinerate! 2, Winter Blast 2, Insect Swarm 2.

Recording: "Stood up again" - Diane McClintock

07-there is a gallery of Cohen's psychedelic creations. Collect the recording and ammunition from the safes (all three).

Recording: "The Doubters" - Sander Cohen

08- Fleet Hall Theatre. Go up the stairs and you will get to the warehouse. There's a recording here. You can't get into Cohen's wardrobe yet, so go downstairs. Click the button next to the elevator opposite and take it up.

Recording: "Musical Insult" - Sander Cohen

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