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Blue Dragon Game Guide by

Blue Dragon Game Guide

Table of Contents

Noluta Village | Disc 3 Blue Dragon Guide

Last update: 11 May 2016

Use a save point if you need to. After a scene enter the first house to the right and talk to the old man and a girl. Leave and enter the next house (Frado's house). Talk to the woman, then leave and talk to a frozen man outside. Get back to the entrance to the village and talk to the frozen kid (Frado).

Go across the bridge and talk to the frozen children there. When all three remaining heroes get angry enough from what they see, they will summon their shadows again. You will have to fight them, in the same manner as you did with Shu's before. Just load up your Corporeal attack and then uload it on the enemy.

1 - Noluta Village - Disc 3 - Blue Dragon - Game Guide and Walkthrough
HINT: Tension meter loads up when you take or deal damage - Noluta Village - Disc 3 - Blue Dragon - Game Guide and Walkthrough

HINT: Tension meter loads up when you take or deal damage. If one of your characters can't manage to deal decent damage to its evil counterpart, just stick to healing and sooner or later your special attack will be ready to go.

Activate the teleport that's by the inn (a building to the left, at the end of the village). Teleport to Jibral Castle and find the king in his private quarters. Talk to him and go down to the basement. Notice that you can now open the red-barrier chest (Lv5-Waterus). Go to the lab and talk to Mad Chief Researcher. He'll teach you a spell that can free the village. Teleport back there.

There's an ancient machine in the middle of the square - similar to the one you've seen in Pachess. Activate it to initiate a boss battle.

Boss - Azure Sentinel

This boss' main weakness is fire - Noluta Village - Disc 3 - Blue Dragon - Game Guide and Walkthrough

This boss' main weakness is fire. Whenever you attack it with fire spell, though, he'll counter with powerful, 500+ HP blow. That's why it's necessary to keep the healing spells close. You can also stick to physical attacks, because they don't cause the enemy to counter.

After the battle you'll get the White Device (it lets you deactivate white barriers). You can now look around the frozen village. When you're ready, approach the gate to the south. You'll see a scene in which Shu finds an Aurora Droplet. Toripo appears and asks you to give it to him. If you do, you'll get Crystal Necklace in return. Go through the gate.

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