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Warzone Guide

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Warzone: Shooting mechanics Warzone guide, tips

Last update: 15 March 2021

In this chapter of our guide to Call of Duty Warzone we have explained how to control the recoil of weapons, what are the shooting positions in the game, what is the effective range of weapons, and what shooting techniques can be used during gameplay to improve weapon performance.

Each weapon available in Call of Duty Warzone behaves slightly differently when firing and can be used in a specific situation with better or worse effect. The easiest weapons to use are pistols and shotguns, while machine weapons will require a lot of practice. In Battle Royale type games, you can use a number of methods that greatly facilitate the gameplay, improve your accuracy and sharpen your reflexes. Below you will find important information that can help improve your skills and increase your chances of survival on the Verdansk map in Call of Duty Warzone.

Recoil control

All weapons available in Call of Duty Warzone have a certain recoil, which can be reduced in several ways. The main solution is to use special weapon mods that can help in aiming or stabilizing the weapon while shooting. Unfortunately, unlike other Battle Royale type games, weapon mods in CoD Warzone are only available when you pick up a better weapon - you won't find them separately. When a fight with another player gets a little faster, forcing you to shoot in longer bursts, try to constantly adjust the sight by moving it downwards.

Shooting position

Taking the right shooting position is extremely important - Warzone: Shooting mechanics - Warzone: Gameplay basics - Warzone Guide

Taking the right shooting position is extremely important. Shoot after you stop moving. Remember that crouching or lying on the ground increases the accuracy of your weapon significantly, but will hinder your mobility a little.

Effective weapon range

To effectively use any weapon available in Call of Duty Warzone, you need to study its effective fire range. Some weapons, like shotguns, are only suitable for very close combat. Others, such as machine guns, are effective both in close and long-range combat. Sniper weapons are only effective in open areas, but they deal huge damage - a headshot deals up to 250 points of damage and kills the target instantly.

An additional sight will increase your accuracy

Each weapon available in Call of Duty Warzone has an additional sight that greatly affects its accuracy - Warzone: Shooting mechanics - Warzone: Gameplay basics - Warzone Guide

Each weapon available in Call of Duty Warzone has an additional sight that greatly affects its accuracy. To maximize the potential of a weapon, you need to learn how to use it well. Some weapons, such as sniper rifles, can have significantly better zoom.

Shooting methods

In CoD Warzone, you can use some useful shooting techniques that will improve your accuracy and effectiveness in combat. Over time, you will start using them intuitively, but this requires some practice.

  1. Single shots - a technique that works best at medium and long range. This guarantees very good accuracy without worrying about the weapon recoil. In this technique, shots are fired one at a time or a maximum of 2 bullets, followed by a short pause to reset the weapon recoil. During this time, you can take a different position and make a shot again.
  2. Short bursts - the most popular technique, which involves short bursts of 3-7 bullets. Short bursts can be fired from almost any automatic or semi-automatic weapon, and this method works best at medium and close range.
  3. Full auto - continuous firing in long bursts, often until the magazine is completely emptied, with constant adjustment of the sight position. Due to much less accuracy and efficiency than the other two methods, full auto is used mostly at a very short distance.
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