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Coral Island Guide by

Coral Island Guide

Table of Contents

Coral Island: Characters - list of all, birthday Coral Island guide

This page of the beginner's guide to Coral Island contains information about all the characters in the game and their birthdays.

Last update: 12 October 2022

The following page of the guide informs what characters you can meet in the game and when their birthday is. It is worth knowing this to prepare the right gifts.

1 - Coral Island: Characters - list of all, birthday - Basics - Coral Island Guide
  1. Aaliyah - being a pilot is her profession and passion;
  2. Alice - likes reading and mysterious, unexplained phenomena, birthday: 27 winter;
  3. Anne - interested in nature and wildlife, birthday: 24 summer;
  4. Antonio - shop owner, likes game of pool, doesn't like the quiet small-town life;
  5. Archie - loves animals and wants to become a veterinarian, birthday: 24 winter;
  6. Ben - likes music festivals and healing crystals; birthday: spring 22;
  7. Betty - she spends her retirement with her children who she happily teaches about the coral reef; birthday: 13 winter;
  8. Bree - managing the vineyard does not prevent her from being a great housewife, birthday: 14 fall;
  9. Chaem - loves sports and volleyball;
  10. Charles - local doctor, always worried about other's health, birthday: 4 winter;
  11. Connor - current mayor, used to run a shop, birthday: 5 summer;
  12. Dinda - local carpenter, interested in herbs, birthday: 21 summer;
2 - Coral Island: Characters - list of all, birthday - Basics - Coral Island Guide
  1. Dippa - loves art, doesn't like ordinariness, birthday: 25 autumn;
  2. Eleanor - Sunny's wife, runs Sunny's Beach Shack with him;
  3. Emily - a hairdresser who likes to collect fruits in the forest, birthday: 16 winter;
  4. Emma - runs a food truck and doesn't like crazy parties, birthday: 13 summer;
  5. Erika - cares for others, listens to their problems and volunteers at school, birthday: 8 winter;
  6. Eva - a friendly baker who likes to talk to others, birthday: 13 summer;
  7. Frank - runs a local tavern and loves to cook, birthday : 16 summer;
  8. Jack - runs a ranch, appreciates a quiet family life;
  9. Jim - a talented cook, birthday: 6 fall;
  10. Joko - a skilled carpenter; birthday: 4 spring;
  11. Kenny - friendly, does not stop at relationships with people - loves everything that lives; birthday: spring 9;
  12. Kira - a warrior who guards the cave and confronts the monsters living in it;
3 - Coral Island: Characters - list of all, birthday - Basics - Coral Island Guide
  1. Leah - yoga instructor and influencer, you will often see her with a camera, birthday: 21 summer;
  2. Lily - cybersecurity specialist, likes solitude and bonsai trees;
  3. Ling - a marine biologist who devoted her life to the coral reef; birthday: spring 17;
  4. Luke - gourmet and person who likes to think/worry too much, birthday: 16 autumn;
  5. Macy - does not part with the camera, loves nature; birthday: 25 spring;
  6. Mark - loves animals and loves to take care of them, but he is not very talkative;
  7. Millie - a librarian who watches birds and restores books in her spare time, birthday: 3 winter;
  8. Nina - comes from a wealthy family, but at the same time she is modest, she visits the island as part of her holidays; birthday: 24 winter;
  9. Noah - takes care of the local tavern, is interested in mysterious phenomena;
  10. Oliver - when he grows up, he would like to become a detective; birthday: spring 12;
  11. Pablo - a blacksmith who likes to help others; birthday: spring 27;
  12. Paul - wild nature lover, makes documentaries; birthday: spring 7;
4 - Coral Island: Characters - list of all, birthday - Basics - Coral Island Guide
  1. Rafael - a blacksmith who likes quiet; birthday: 4 fall;
  2. Raj - owner of a local coffee stand;
  3. Randy - gifted teacher who can explain anything, birthday: 19 fall;
  4. Sam - runs a local shop, likes to excercise his brain, birthday: 8 summer;
  5. Scott - always looking for artifacts, likes to have fun; birthday: spring 12;
  6. Suki - enthusiast of a healthy eating, likes being a mother, birthday: 27 winter;
  7. Sunny - former fisherman, now mainly a shopkeeper;
  8. Surya - a marine biologist, working in a laboratory, likes to go out with friends, birthday: 25 fall;
  9. Takeba - owner of local hot springs;
  10. Theo - guitarist and fisherman, birthday: 11 fall;
  11. Valentina - likes playing on the beach and tea parties, birthday: 3 summer;
  12. Wakuu - an observatory's emploee;
5 - Coral Island: Characters - list of all, birthday - Basics - Coral Island Guide
  1. Walter - formerly a lawyer, now runs a vineyard; birthday: 20 spring;
  2. Wataru - a true seaman;
  3. Yuri - a doctor, likes chess and swimming, birthday: 28 summer;
  4. Zarah - an adventurer, interested in all kinds of treasures, birthday : 16 summer;
  5. Zoe - like her parents, she likes nature, she's interested in volleyball, birthday: 8 winter.
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