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X3 Reunion - game update v.2.0.02 - v.2.5 - Download

Game update (patch) to X3 Reunion , a(n) simulation game, v.2.0.02 - v.2.5, added on Saturday, December 29, 2007.

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last updateSaturday, December 29, 2007

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version: v.2.0.02 - v.2.5


The new UPLINK facility to export your game statistics to a file which can then be uplinked to the servers for display and comparison.

The long awaited Mission Director (MD) mission development tool.

Fixes and improvements to Script Editor commands.

Some general game issues are resolved.


Improvements to the new sector auction and a fix for those who had bought it previously and had it taken away!

Solutions for several minor problems with the Player Headquarters, and an adjustment to the resources required.

Additional checks in the Bala Gi missions themselves to ensure they can be completed in some unusual situations.

A fix for those who are finding it difficult to get hold of Advanced Satellites

Solution to some crashes relating to "dbghelp.dll".

Text and font corrections.


This update contains the following features:

An exciting set of missions to complete.

New Player Headquarters with compelling features.

New M7 Prototype ship.

New M3+ class of ships.

New BBS missions.

New and improved equipment.

New sectors.

Many previous issues have been fixed.

As a special bonus for all owners of X3:Reunion, Egosoft has prepared a brand new update which introduces new missions, new ships, a new unique station, and a range of new gameplay features. This update is available for download free of charge, and is compatible with existing X3: Reunion savegames.

Bala Gi Research Missions

The famous Boron scientist Bala Gi needs your help, and has some spectacular rewards available if you successfully complete the exciting missions that he offers.

- Own the new Player Headquarters, a unique new station which is the biggest single-station construction in the X Universe.

- Get hold of the exclusive (and unique) M7 class prototype battleship, once owned by the Pontifex Maximus Paranidia himself.

- Deliver the blueprints for a whole new class of ships, the M3+, and even get the chance to build them yourself.

- The Bala Gi Research Missions can be undertaken before, during or after the main plot, and even in non-plot games.

Player Headquarters

The Player Headquarters is a vast station equipped with an array of docking facilities, and a range of unique features to help you manage your trade empire or battle fleet.

- Gather resources and build your own ships from blueprints rather than having to buy them at shipyards.

- If you don't have blueprints then you can always create them by reverse engineering any ship that you own.

- Ships damaged during battle? Send them back to base and repair them yourself.

- Pimp my ship! Respray just about any ship you own for a unique look, or give your squads matching colour schemes.

The new features of the Player Headquarters are described in more detail in our FAQ section.

New Ships

The update introduces a range of new ships. Some of these are available immediately, but others will only be found once you have completed the Bala Gi Research Missions.

- Get hold of the unique M7 class prototype battleship. This ship is lean and mean and can dock two fighter ships.

- The new M3+ class ships can be a real challenge if you meet them in combat, but of course you also have the chance to own these yourself.

More Goodies!

The update also includes a whole raft of other new features and enhancements.

- Two new sectors, "Senator's Badlands" (Yaki) and "Elysium of Light" (Goner) for you to explore.

- A new weapon, the "Concussion Impulse Generator", with a unique new effect on ships that are hit with it.

- Several new BBS missions to add a bit more variety. Keep your eyes open at Pirate stations especially.

- A Self-Destruct option, available on board all your ships and stations. You only have a few seconds to evacuate once it is initiated!

- A new "Software Signature Scrambler" to hide your "System Override Software" from police scans.

- Improved Tractor Beam functionality allowing you to pull more different objects, even through gates.

- A better chance to win the sector auction for "Avarice", available even if you missed out the first time around.

And of course, we have fixed as many bugs, anomalies, errors and other issues as we possibly could from previous versions of the game.

Finally, this update includes the NoCD/NoDVD patch, so you can put your disk back in its box.

  • Last update: Saturday, December 29, 2007
  • Genre: Simulation
  • File size: 7.7 MB

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