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Vietcong - SP - Game demo - Download

Demo version of Vietcong , a(n) action game, SP, for PCs and laptops with Windows systems. Free and legal download. Enjoy!

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last updateFriday, May 2, 2003

Free download

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Vietcong is a tactical action game developed by Illusion Softworks (authors unforgettable Hidden & amp; Dangerous) and a studio Pterodon. As its title suggests, action is set during the Vietnam War. The player becomes the leader of soldiers, "A-team" component of the US Special Forces. 20 waiting to perform dramatic missions combined a compelling story. Under our command is a maximum of six soldiers using more than 25 weapons, including the famous M16 rifle, rocket launcher and sniper rifle. If necessary, we can also use the destructive artillery and air support. In the words of the creators of the Vietcong combines fast-paced action, tactical gameplay (command soldiers) and the elaborate plot. The whole takes place in a fully three-dimensional environment generated by the advanced graphics engine (view from a first person perspective). In multiplayer mode, it is possible to play both the American and Viet Cong troops.

Note: Demo is designed for one-man entertainment. Contains one mission "Crash In The Jungle."

  • Last update: Friday, May 2, 2003
  • Genre: Action
  • File size: 99.6 MB

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Vietcong - v.1.60 patch 42 MB 2/2/2004 11.4K 29
Vietcong - Rising Sun addon 288.7 MB 7/20/2005 6.7K 14
Vietcong - Red Dawn mod 309.5 MB 12/15/2014 4.8K 12
Vietcong - SP demo 99.6 MB 5/2/2003 5.9K 8
Vietcong - Wolf´s Weapon Sound Mod v.0.4 mod 5.5 MB 12/6/2021 647 6
Vietcong - frontier mod 24.8 MB 2/24/2004 1.9K 4
Vietcong - frontier - patch mod 439.4 KB 2/26/2004 1.9K 3
Vietcong - Red Dawn addon 321.1 MB 3/21/2005 5.7K 1
Vietcong - Demo patch v.0.98 patch 12.2 MB 2/5/2003 1.5K 0
Vietcong - IndianCountry mod 13.8 MB 9/8/2003 2.1K 0
Vietcong - Three Canyons mod 7.7 MB 12/23/2003 2.6K 0
Vietcong - Riverdale mod 19.2 MB 3/9/2004 1.9K 0
Vietcong - Prophet mod 12.6 MB 4/6/2004 2K 0