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Halo: Combat Evolved - Game demo - Download

Demo version of Halo: Combat Evolved , a(n) action game, for PCs and laptops with Windows systems. Free and legal download. Enjoy!

file typeGame demo

file size131 MB

last updateMonday, October 20, 2003


downloads (7 days)52

Free download

Futuristic action game, which tells the story about the conflict between humans and aliens. The player becomes a member of an elite combat formation, which arms all the time struggling with dangerous and deadly dangerous breed. The area in which the roll is a powerful list sizes. Is also characterised by a large variety of areas like forests, wetlands, grasslands, etc. Stoczymy on it the mass of exciting duels with opponents to odznaczającymi a large dose of intelligence and with modern weaponry.

Note:The Demo allows you to play in two modes, single and multiplayer. In single-player mode you can play at the level of "The Silent's Cartographer", in multiplayer mode and waiting for the map on which Blood can roll up to skirmish Gulch 16 players.

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