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Gothic II - Gothic II System Pack v.1.6 - Game mod - Download

The file Gothic II System Pack v.1.6 is a modification for Gothic II, a(n) rpg game. Download for free.

file typeGame mod

file size2.4 MB

last updateSunday, March 19, 2017


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Free download

Gothic II System Pack is a mod for Gothic II, created by Guzz aka killer-m, MaGoth, KuDeSnik and alex_draven.


Gothic 1 - SystemPack is the system and exec files update package, that modifies and develops game working ability of "GOTHIC1", "GOTHIC2: Classic", "GOTHIC2: The Night Of The Raven", mods and addons based on them.

Main modifications:

Package Adaptation for work with WinXP, WinVista, Win7, Win8, WinBlue;

Package Adaptation for support of "GOTHIC1", "GOTHIC2: Classic", "GOTHIC2: The Night Of The Raven" considering all changes and corrections;

Automatic dynamic memory and system files patching for all versions of supported games;

Surround sound system integration - X3DAudio - for all versions of supported games;

The package uses own *.INI file with partially modifying internal options for all versions of supported games.


High resolution support;

Adjusted FOV Hor+;

Increased world, NPC, portals render distance;

Balanced correspondence of map sides;

Ability to shut off LOD;

Fixed bug with disappearing objects/models when turned on tesselation.


Increased min texture cache threshold;

Disabled odd stream for resource manager;

Disabled cache unloading when minimizing the game;

Modified low FPS and showing window frame in full-screen mode on Windows 8 and 8.1.


Modified scaling duplication in video playback;

Disabled limitation video file resolution.


Surround audio support on base of X3DAudio/XAudio2.

Virtual file system:

Highly increased game start and load speed.


Fixed problem of game start on Windows 7 over rundll32.exe;

Fixed problem of game start over Logitech SetPoint driver;

Fixed problem of camera hitch and disappearing textures on NVIDIA cards;

Disabled FPS limitation;

Repaired options of F8 key in test-mode MARVIN;

Game starts in 32-bit color range;

Added ability to set key auto-repeat speed;

Repaired disability to activate the plug in the Temple of Sleeper;

Added ability to change game Splash-screen (loading screen);

Partially modified key bindings;

Increased max polygons in models;

Added set model spin speed;

To install:

1. Install game "GOTHIC2"

2. Install Gothic2_fix-

3. Install G2Classic-SystemPack-1.1.exe

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