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Half-Life - Shogo: Hydra v.2.0 - Game mod - Download

The file Shogo: Hydra v.2.0 is a modification for Half-Life, a(n) action game. Download for free.

file typeGame mod

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last updateSunday, July 8, 2018


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Shogo: Hydra is a mod for Half-Life, created by Kantez90s.


Experimental mod, focusing in recreation of classic Shogo M.A.D. gameplay. It offers four levels of singleplayer action.


At first glance, Cronus (technically 46CronusD, the fourth planet in the nearly dead Cronus system) seems like an unlikely place to play such a critical role in the future of humanity.

It is a hostile, barren world with a poisonous atmosphere, incessant volcanic and seismic activity, and an unexceptional collection of minerals easily mined from hundreds of thousands of more accessible asteroids and moons, not to mention the handful of human-colonized worlds.

However, when a deep space probe sent to the system to collect scientific data for cataloging purposes detected chemically compelling organic material in soil samples, the United Corporate Authority (UCA) was formed by three dominant megacorporations (Andra Biomechanics, Armacham Technology Corporation, and Shogo Industries) and a jointly funded manned expedition was launched.

That early venture found rich deposits of the organic material, dubbed kato for the probe that discovered it (the Shogo DSP Katoki). It would be over a decade before the benefits of kato energy would become apparent and interstellar travel would change forever...


Cronian Mining Consortium (C.M.C) is a mining block created to promote the industry of Kato mining on Cronus. Akin to the U.C.A it soon took on a management of its own, secretly building up a sizable military force with the aide of Andra Biomechanics thanks to a covert treaty. They soon took control over much of Maratropa and began fighting as one of the dominant factions during the Cronian Revolution. In either Shogo ending the C.M.C surrenders.

Now 10 years after the rebellion, CMC is ruled by UCA.

To install:

Extract into. „...Steam\steamapps\common\half-life” and relaunch Steam.

Report problems with download to

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