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Return to Castle Wolfenstein - RealRTCW v.3.3 - Game mod - Download

The file RealRTCW v.3.3 is a modification for Return to Castle Wolfenstein, a(n) action game. Download for free.

file typeGame mod

file size1539.4 MB


(last 7 days)168

last updateWednesday, September 22, 2021

Free download

Report problems with download to [email protected]

RealRTCW is a mod for Return to Castle Wolfenstein, created by WolfETPlayer.


The main goal of this mod is to make RTCW a bit more realistic and challenging, while still keeping it fun to play.

Based on 1.42d patch by Knightmare. Widescreen support included.


New Weapon: MP-44 with unique ammo type.

New 44 khz sounds for weapons and some misc sounds.Also new main menu theme.

Overhauled main and in-game menus.

Overhauled loading screens.

New Weapon Skins(pack of the best models\skins made by RTCW Community).

Strafe Jumping (Bunny hop) was removed.

All heavy weapons are now decrease player movement speed by 25%.

Rebalanced AI:

HP of all nazies reduced.

Soldiers: average shooting skills. More mauser rifle soldiers, less mp40 soldiers.In late game soldiers use mp44.

Officers: excellent shooting skills.

Zombies: more HP, skulls charge time decreased, increased melee damage, faster moving speed, fov changed to 360.

Zombie Warriors:more HP, increased melee damage, faster moving speed, fov changed to 360.

Elite Guards: excellent shooting skills. All Elite Guards are now using mp40 or silenced lugers. Increased running speed.

Boss1(Olaric-Helga): more HP, increased melee damage, more ghosts.Ghosts charging time reduced.

Blackguards:excelllent shooting skills.

Proto soldier:Increased HP.

Boss2(Uber Soldat):Increased HP.

Lopers:Increased HP.

Heinrich:Decreased reaction time, increased sword attack range, increased stomp damage. Decreased raise dead cooldown, increased running speed.

Rebalanced Weapons:


Kick-damage reduced.

Luger-unchanged.Silencer luger decreased spread.

Colt- decreased clip capacity to 7.

MP40-unchanged. Increased maximum 9mm ammo capacity to 320.

Thompson - increased rate of fire,decreased damage. Increased spread.

Sten - decreased heat time. Decreased damage.

Mauser Rifle - increased damage, decreased rate of fire. Increased maximum ammo capacity to 300. Clip capacity decreased to 5.

Snooper Rifle - unchanged.

FG-42 - accuracy decreased, rate of fire increased. Damage decreased. Scoped rate of fire decreased.

MP-44- medium damage, medium rate of fire. 180 ammo capacity.

Grenades and dynamite - greatly increased blast radius. Maximum capacity for grenades - 8. For dynamite - 3.

Panzerfaust - increased blast radius.

Venom - increased spread.

Flamethrower - increased range, increased damage. Ammo capactiy changed to 200.

Tesla Gun - increased range, increased damage. Ammo capacity changed to 100.

Health and ammo pickups were rebalanced.Easy difficulty levels were almost untouched. However "Death Incarnate" difficulty become really challenging.

To install:

Simply put all files from mod archive to your game folder. Don't forget to make backup of overwriting files.

  • Last update: Wednesday, September 22, 2021
  • Genre: Action
  • File size: 1539.4 MB
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