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The file Sonic Adventure Generations DX v7.0 is a modification for Sonic Adventure DX, a(n) arcade game. Download for free.

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Sonic Adventure Generations DX is a mod for Sonic Adventure DX, created by Shadic2001.


This is a Mod For SADX that makes it more modern and newer most of the textures of this mod it has been remade as HD .


*new HD textures and redesigned charecter textures

*an a lantern engine to make it more realestic (if you want you can disenable it)

*a goal ring insted of the capsul Sonic generations style

*new title screen and menu

*new HUDs and life icons

*new HD emerald coast and speed highway

*new sonic blur (mostly like sonic forces)

*new sound effects for Sonic and tails and amy

*new Chaos emerald textures

*new Sonic Generations style musics (some places only)

*new E-series

*Dreamcast Mistic Ruins

*new Tornados

*new gauges

*new roads and new hotel in station square


Extract into gamerís folder.

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