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Freelancer - Freelancer: Nomad Legacy v.0.7.2a - Game mod - Download

The file Freelancer: Nomad Legacy v.0.7.2a is a modification for Freelancer, a(n) simulation game. Download for free.

file typeGame mod

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last updateTuesday, February 13, 2018


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Freelancer: Nomad Legacy is a mod for Freelancer, created by Jeider.


Nomad Legacy is it project, inspired by Alpha and Beta versions of Freelancer. Are you want to change everything on your ship, watch Blackhole and play new storyline? You can find it here!

This is a list of major mod features:

1. New world with old factions. Rheinland, Liberty still here, but has another systems and positions on the map.

2. Advanced bases. On some stations you can buy anything, what you want. On some stations you can't just repair your ship.

3. Unique bases. Megabases with 200, 500 and more than 1000 parts.

4. Advanced space objects. Animated suns, destructible dynamic asteroids, advanced effects of jumpgates, blackhole FX and more.

5. Animations. Animations everywhere! On gasminers, solar plants, tradelanes. And on ships too! If you has fighter or elite fighter, you can extend your wings! And every ship in space (NPC too) can extend wings on launch to space!

6. Advanced ships and equipment balance. You can change anything on your ship. Engines, powerplants. And difference between engines more than "just another color". Be careful!

7. Advanced NPC and missions. NPC raising level up together with player. But some NPC not did it and easy can to kill your start ship!

8. New story line with 6 missions (story line not completed). A lot of action, THN-scenes and interesting script.

This is not full list!

For installation instructios consult the readme file.

Report problems with download to

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