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Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005) - NFSMW Extra Options v. - Game mod - Download

The file NFSMW Extra Options v. is a modification for Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005), a(n) racing game. Download for free.

file typeGame mod

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last updateThursday, October 1, 2020

Free download

Report problems with download to [email protected]

NFSMW Extra Options is a mod forĀ Need For Speed Most Wanted (the one from 2005), created by ExOptsTeam.


Extra Options is a script mod which improves your gaming experience by many ways.


(Some options are disabled by default. Don't forget to check the 'NFSMWExtraOptionsSettings.ini' file out.)

+ (New!) Change Tire Steering Angle in Menus

> You can now change it from the .ini! Get it straight, or turn it around; it's all up to you!

+ (New!) NOS Trail Repeat Count

> You don't want to see stretching taillight glows while hitting NOS? Now it's possible!

+ (New!) Longer Profile Names

> Instead of the standard 7, you can now have up to 15 characters in your profile names.

> We also enabled the use of special characters in them!

! Don't use any character which isn't allowed in File/Folder names on Windows. Or else, you will be unable to save your profile.

+ (New!) Prologue Fix

> You won't get forced to play prologue races again after making some progress anymore.

+ Lap and Opponent Controllers

- You can have from 0 (which makes the race unlimited) to 127 (Really long races) laps.

> Maximum opponents can now be limited with 15 instead of 3. (More than 16 players will crash the game.)

! These options are valid for LAN races, too.

> You can change the variety of opponent car models by changing Maximum Unique Opponent Cars count.

> You can let AI opponents select cop cars!

> You can also have NFS Carbon Style randomizations, without vinyls on cars.

! If you use "Expand Memory Pools" option, you will be able to see all your opponents, instead of just 6.

+ Hide Online from Main Menu

> This option won't have any function until a wild NFSMW server emulator appears. So, you can remove it from the menu.

+ Show Tollbooth and Challenge Modes in Quick Race Menu

> Your time trial game mode and fancy pursuits are now available in Quick Race.

+ Show Special Vinyl Category

> Custom vinyls that you see on Blacklist rivals' cars; just go install them from the Vinyls menu.

! Some vinyls don't work for some cars.

+ Change Splash Screen Time Limit

> 30 seconds aren't enough? Make it a minute, an hour, maybe a day!

+ Use Drift Camera Angle Everywhere

> Birds eye free roam? Yeah, it's here!

+ Unlock All Things

> This will unlock everything in game. Like a season pass, but it's for FREE!

> You can enable or disable it anytime, just press "F5"!

+ Remove Barriers

> Locked area barriers or route indicators, remove if you don't want them!

+ Carbon-Styled Race Progress

> No more LAPS 1/1! You'll see % progress on 1-lap races now.

+ Enable subtitles for English!

> You want to know what they talk about, but you can't understand what do they say? This is for you!

+ Toggle Headlights and Cop Lights

> Press H to toggle headlights.

> Press O to toggle cop lights.

! If you are playing Most Wanted Online, others will see if your lights are on/off.

+ Show More Race Options

> You can set cops' Heat Level (density, not the x1-10 one) directly from where you select laps, difficulty and stuff!

> You can add AI opponents in Tollbooth races. (Note: AI racers won't move on some races.)

+ Save/Load Hot Position

> You can save your place in the world and teleport it when you want.

> Press 'LShift + 1-5' to save, 'LCtrl + 1-5' to load.

> Hot positions are stored in "NFSMW\TRACKS\" file. You can open it with any text editor.

+ Show Debug Car Customize

> Enable the option from config file. It will add My Cars option with Debug icon into Main Menu.

! Be careful. This option can mess with your stock cars, so always add them to My Cars menu before doing anything.

+ Garage Camera Hacks

> Rotate it down to flip that garage upside down.

> Zoom it out to see where you are.

> Enable camera movement on any menu, so you can rotate your car around while you're tuning it.

+ Debug Camera

> Press Backspace to toggle Debug World Camera.

! You can now tweak Turbo and Super Turbo speeds.


- NUMPAD 8, 2, 4, 6 -> Move

- NUMPAD 3, 9, 0, DEL(.) -> Rotate

- NUMPAD 1, 7 -> Raise / Lower camera

- NUMPAD - -> Turbo

- NUMPAD + -> Super Turbo

- \ -> Drop Car

> Press PageDown to toggle Debug Watch Car Camera.


- NUMPAD + -> switch to next car.

- NUMPAD - -> switch to previous car.

+ Game Speed

> Set game speed!

! It doesn't affect menus.

! Too low and high values will corrupt car physics and control responsiveness.

+ World Animation Speed

> Those trees are waving so fast? Try this option!

+ Starting Cash

> Start with a specified amount of cash. Get rich easily from the start!

! Don't worry, you can still earn 30,000 from prologue races and 10,000 from having NFSU2 installed.

+ Weather Options

> Open the .ini file and go to the [Weather] section. Set it as you like!

+ Windowed Mode

> Run the game in a window instead of full screen.

> Bordered or borderless options are available.

+ Disable Sound/Music

> Mute any game sound, just with 2 ini options.

+ Show Hidden Tracks

> Open the .ini file. In the [Menu] section, enable ShowHiddenTracks option.

> It will show hidden tracks in Quick Race mode.

! You can also play prologue races and challenge series events with this option.

! Be careful! Your race tracks will appear in a different order when this option is enabled.

+ Force-enable Black Edition features.

> You don't need to have an "INGAMEC.BUN" file! Just enable ForceBlackEdition option from the .ini file and you're good to go!

+ Visual Treatment settings!

> The game is too yellow? Just mix it with some blue using these new options from .ini file.

! You can find some settings here:

+ Maximum Performance feature in Career Performance Shop

> Just press 2 to buy the best parts for your car.

! Be careful! It doesn't have a check for already installed parts.

+ Remove Busted Screen Frame

> If you want to use frameless Busted screen from NFS Carbon, this option will help you.

! You can also remove the face censor (pixelation) from it!

+ Load Every Save Game

> You don't need to fix the checksum or revert back to unmodded game files. Just copy them in and load.

+ Replay Blacklist Boss Races

> You want to beat Razor again? Now it's possible.

+ Pursuit Action Mode! (Roadblocks and Support Units in Quick Races)

> Police units in races are now equal with the units in free roam!

> As a result, pursuits in races are now harder!

+ Change Car Model Size (FOR FUN)

> RC Cars on Rockport? Yeah, it's possible now.

! Light dummies and collisions won't be affected.

! Semi trucks with trailers will look strange.

+ Advanced Traffic Density Controllers

> You can now change traffic density values for Low, Medium and High settings.

+ Fixed Some Vanilla Game Bugs

> You can use open-wheel cars now! Disappearing wheels issue is fixed.

> Fixed crash, 2nd controller and black screen for Split Screen mode. (ONLY FOR EXPERTS.)

> Fixed bounty amount and message for Police Helicopter.

> Fixed 0 bounty for x10 and higher heat levels.

> Fixed infinite mass of some vehicles and objects.

> Added an experimental fix for missing car skins. (ONLY FOR EXPERTS.)

! Some of these fixes can be disabled from .ini file. Other ones are enabled automatically.

+ Play Burger King challenge without entering the "burgerking" cheat code.

> Just enable the UnlockBurgerKingChallenge option from .ini and go eat some burgers!

+ Auto Drive

> Press F6 and your car will go on its own.

+ Debug and Preset Car Categories

> Debug has some special cars, Black Edition and Challenge Series cars.

! Cars may vary between save games.

> Preset has BMW M3 GTR from career start. (Low performance)

+ More Customization!

> Get a BMW, install it some rims from Parts menu. Don't forget to buy your Junkmans from Performance.

> You can also get unique visual parts. Enable "ShowMoreCustomizationOptions" and go to any shop!

+ Change Challenge Series Bin Index (ONLY FOR EXPERTS)

> Change the ChallengeSeriesBlacklist option from .ini and you'll get race events of any blacklist as challenge series.

+ Ultimate Force Heat Level Hack

> Press F7 to enable heat level override, which will change minimum* and maximum* heat level limits and let you get up to x10!

! This option can be force-enabled from .ini file.

> Press PageUp to change your heat level if you want.

> Press Scroll Lock to enable/disable cops on the fly.

* See the config file.

! x0 doesn't appear on HUD.

+ Randomize Count

> Don't want to wait for 30 randomizations? You can change the randomize count for the Random Races.

+ Freeze Car Hack

1) Go to the any* Car Select menu.

2) Find the car you like.

3) While it's on screen, press F4.

4) Start any Quick Race (Select any car, you'll get the frozen one.) or Challenge Series event (With your superfast Pizza delivery car! :D), or go for a Free Roam**.

* Don't try to select a car from the Add New Car option on My Cars menu. Select it from already added ones.

** If you get the cops' attention in Career Mode, disable the Car Hack pressing F4 key. So, your game will not crash after pursuit.

! You can even use locked cars with this option!

+ Rog in Blacklist 15 (ONLY FOR EXPERTS)

> Change the MaximumBlacklistRival option from ini, open the Blacklist 15 menu and select him (#16).

! His race and milestones sections are empty, also, his bio is wrong.

! Don't try to see his car or movie from the bio screen. Your game will crash.

> An experimental fix is added to prevent crashes for unexistent blacklist rivals (bins).

+ Time Of Day

> You can now set the time of day from Video Options, just like in X360 release.

! This option will replace your Level of Detail slider.

+ Better Random Races

> It makes more cars and tracks available in random races (Quick Play) mode.

+ NFSU2-Styled Look Back Camera

> If you enable this option, HUD won't disappear when you look back.

+ 100 Stock Cars in New Save Games

> You don't need to hack your game to get these fancy cars!

> Just toggle ShowAllCarsInFE option and start a new save game.


> This option aims to disable catch up.

! It's experimental and needs confirmation.

+ No Rev Limiter

> Achieve better top speeds! Squeeze the most juice from your powerful engine!

+ Selectable Marker Count

> If 2 isn't enough for you, you are not alone. Set the count of markers you get after boss races as you like.

+ Speedbreaker Tweaks

> You can now set the fill speed limit, fill time and mass for your speedbreaker.

+ Show Non-Pursuit Cops in Minimap

> Another Carbon-Style hack, right? Actually, this one comes from X360 debug build.

> Change your path to avoid cops!

+ Infraction Speed Limits

> You can now set the limits for Speeding, Excessive Speeding and Reckless Driving infractions.

+ Skip Career Intro

> You can skip prologue races and have 2 cars (BMW M3 GTR E46 and Porsche 911 GT2 (996)) in your safehouse.

! IMPORTANT! If you disable this option and load a save with this option enabled, it will start you from prologue.

+ Multiple Instances

> You can now multiple instances of the game at the same time, without needing to copy the executable several times!

> This may be useful if you are trying to replicate cars in your other save games and stuff.

+ Skip NISs

> You can now skip some of the NIS scenes! (Scenes that aren't movies)

+ Freeze Camera

> You caught a nice angle and don't want to lose it? Press Scroll Lock and it will lock the camera for you!

+ Expand Memory Pools

> You won't be limited with 7 players cars anymore! It may also help with the performance on high-end systems. Enable it and enjoy!

Also check out:

> Extra Options playlist on YouTube:


This mod requires Visual C++ 2013 and Windows 10 Fix.

You set up options by editing NFSMWExtraOptionsSettings.ini

  • Last update: Thursday, October 1, 2020
  • Genre: Racing
  • File size: 1.2 MB
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