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Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne - Warcraft 3 Extended Edition v.Alpha 1.1.2 - Game mod - Download

The file Warcraft 3 Extended Edition v.Alpha 1.1.2 is a modification for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, a(n) strategy game. Download for free.

file typeGame mod

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last updateSaturday, August 31, 2019


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Warcraft 3 Extended Edition is a mod for Warcraft III: Frozen Throne, created by Rohirim91.


Welcome to Warcraft 3 Extended Edition, a project with the goal of expanding the existing game by adding unused features from the campagin as well as by adding new content of the highest possible quality while trying to keep the game as balanced as it can be.



-Captain, a heavy melee unit with Defend and Command Aura abilities. Can also be upgraded with Holy Plating.

-Gyrocopters, a sturdier version of the Flying Machine with higher attack and hit points, but slower and with slightly less sight range. It is available after Flying Machine Bombs and Flak Canons upgrades are researched.


-Holy Plating, reduces incoming magic and spell damage by 20%.

-Restoration of Silvermoon, replaces human and dwarven units with their High Elven counterparts. Available after upgrading to Keep, building an Arcane Sanctum and summoning the Bloodmage. Increases the level of the Bloodmage by 1 and attack by 5.

High Elves:


-Swordsman, versalite melee unit with Defend. Can learn Sword Mastery.

-Archer, basic ranged unit. Can learn Longbows and Searing Arrows.

-Dragon Hawk, heavy ranged flying unit with Aerial Shackles. Can learn Animal War Training and Cloud.

-Ballista, long range siege weapon. Can learn Impaling Shot and Siegecraft Mastery.

-Wagon, support unit. Has Magic Touch and Siphon Mana abilities. Can be upgraded with Siegecraft Mastery.


-Silvermoon Ranger, agile ranged hero with Scout, Cold Arrows, Trueshot Aura nad Starfall.

-Swordmaster, fierce melee fighter. Has Smite, Battle Roar, Cleaving Attack and Champion of the Sun abilities.


-High Elven Barracks, trains and upgrades Swordsmen, Archers and Dragon Hawks.

-Elven Workshop, produces and upgrades Ballistas and Wagons.

-Farm, produces 10 food.


-Swordmastery, gives Swordsmen and Blood Elf Leutenants 15% chance to deal 1.75 the normal damage on an attack and 10% chance to dodge an attack.

-Longbows, increases the attack range of Archers.

-Searing Arrows, allows Archers to use Searing Arrows ability.

-Siegecraft Mastery, increases the hitpoints and attack speed of mechanical units by 15% and movement speed and mana regenetaion by 10%.

-Impaling Shot, allows Balistas to attack trees and deal damage to units near the primary attack target.



-Pig, slow scout unit. Produces 1 food and is limmited to 5 at a time.


-Orc Burrows can upgrade to Pig Farms, giving aditional 5 food, but losing the ability to attack. Can raise Pigs.


-The Power of Fel, empowers all units with Fel energy. Darkspear trolls are replaced with Amani trolls while Tauren units are lost. Also replaces Wind Riders with Black Drakes.

Fel Orcs:


-Fel Orc Grunts and Fel Orc Raiders gain more hitpoints and attack.

-Amani Berserker, basic ranged unit.

-Warlock, powerful spellcaster with Firebolt, Lightning Shield and Bloodlust.

-Amani Shadow Priest, supporting spellcaster with Ray of Disruption, Acid Bomb and Sleep.

-Black Drake, heavy ranged flying unit with Keen Senses ability. Can learn Dragon Scales.


-Shadow Warlock, spellcaster hero imbued with demonic energy. Has Fel Burst, Dark Summoning, Soul Drain and Finger of Death abilities.

-Orc Warchief, durable melee fighter with Shockwave, War Stomp, Endurance Aura and Demolish abilities.


-Dragon Scales, reduces all incoming damage by 12. Damage cannot be reduced below 3.



-Sky Barge, massive air transport. Has no initial attack. Can be upgraded with Obrahiim's Engineers upgrade.


-Obrahiim's Engineers, increases hitpoints of all mechanical units by 10% and movement speed by 7%.

-The Black Lady, replaces Crypt Fiends, Necromancers and Frost Wyrms with Fallen Rangers, Apothecaries and Val'kyres. Loses Crypt Lord while Death Knight and Lich are replaced with Dark Ranger and Master Apothecary.



-Fallen Ranger, basic long range attacker with Evasion. Can learn Black Arrows and Vengeance abilities.

-Apothecary, essential spellcaster with Relentlessness, Potion of Illusion and Mind Poison. Can learn Vengeance ability.

-Val'kyr, ranged flying unit with Raise Dead. Can learn Noble Sacrifice ability.

-Spectre, light ranged magic dealing unit with Evasion.


-Dark Ranger, agile ranged hero. Has Wind Walk, Silence, Drain Life and Charm abilities.

-Master Apothecary, spellcaster hero adept at brewing various potions. Has Healing Spray, Enchanted Poison, Alcoholic Liquid and Crippling Poison.


-Val'kyr Tomb, trains and upgrades Val'kyres.


-Black Arrows, allows Fallen Rangers to use Black Arrows ability.

-Vengeance, allows Fallen Rangers, Apothecaries and Banshees to spawn a Spectre on death.

-Noble Sacrifice, allows Val'kyres to use Noble Sacrifice ability.

Night Elves:


-Sentry, versalite melee unit with Ensnare. Can learn Fanatism ability.

-Feathermoon Captain, agile ranged scout unit. Has Wounding Arrow, Elunes Grace and Spy abilities.

-Maiev's Elite, very skilled assasin unit. Has Backstab, Blink, Feedback and Resistant Skin abilities.


-Iron Hand of Justice, replaces Archers and the Feathermoon Captain with Sentries and Maiev's Elite and gives Huntresses 75 attack range, 3 attack and 125 bonus hitpoints. Also increases the level of the Warden by 1 and agility by 5. Makes The Awakening upgrade permanently unavailable.

-The Awakening, repalces all units, heroes and buildings with their Naga counterparts.



-Murgul Slave, worker unit. Can gather gold and lumber and build buildings. Can learn Cannibalize.

-Murgul Reaver, basic melee attacker. Can learn Cannibalize.

-Snap Dragon, basic ranged unit. Can learn Poisonous Spit and Submerge abilities.

-Naga Myrmidon, heavy melee unit. Can learn Ensnare and Submerge abilities.

-Naga Siren, spellcaster unit with Parasite, Frost Armor and Cyclone.

-Revenant of Tides, supporting spellcaster. Has Healing Waters, Purify and Summon Sea Elemental abilities.

-Couatl, flying ranged unit. Can learn Abolish Magic and Blessing of Azshara abilities.

-Dragon Turtle, heavy ranged siege unit with Devour and Spiked Shell. Can learn Hardened Skin.

-Hydra, heavy ranged unit with Tripple Headed ability. Can learn Poisonous Spit and Mithosis.

-Hydra Hatchling, light ranged unit. Can learn Poisonous Spit.


-Sea Warlord, powerful melee fighter. Has Crushing Wave, Frost Bolt, Tidal Currents Aura and Devour Magic.

-Naga Sea Witch, ranged spellcaster hero. Has Forked Lightning, Cold Arrows, Mana Shield and Tornado.


-Coral Bed, produces 15 food.

-Slave Quarters, drop off point for gathered wood. Contains weapon, armor and economic upgrades.

-Spawning Grounds, trains and upgrades Murgul Reavers, Snap Dragons and Naga Myrmidons.

-Temple of Azshara, trains and upgrades Naga Sirens and Revenants of the Tides.

-Nazjatar Gate, trains and upgrades Couatls, Dragon Turtles and Hydras.

-Royal Vault, sells various items.

-Temple of the Depths, summons and revives fallen heroes.

-Temple of Seas, main building. Trains Murgul Slaves and serves as a drop off site for gathered gold and lumber. Can be upgraded to allow training of superior unit types.


-Cannibalize, allows Murgul Slaves and Reavers to consume corpses to regain health.

-Ensnare, allows Naga Myrmidons to use Ensnare ability.

-Poisosnous Spit, allows Hydras, Hydra Hatchlings and Snap Dragons to use Slow Poison.

-Submerge, allows Snap Dragons and Naga Myrmidons to go underwater.

-Abolish Magic, allows Couatls to use Abolish Magic ability.

-Blessing of Azshara, allows Couatls to attack 2 more units with reduced damage.

-Hardened Skin, reduces incoming damage by 12 with a minimum of 3 damage.

-Mithosis, increases Hydras' hit point regeneration by 9 per second and allows them to spawn 2 Hydra Hatchlings on death.

-Relentless Exploitation, increases Murgul Slaves' hit points by 35 and movement speed by 10%. Also increases the maximum amount of lumber carried by 5.

-Ancient Treasures, increases the amount of gold carried by 2. Requires Relentless Exploitation.

Note: only new units, buildings, heroes and upgrades are shown.

Known issues:

-if buildings are built extremely close to eachother or there are units really close to them, they will move either sligthly or drasticaly depending on how close they are to eachother when a faction changing upgrade is researched.

-There might be typos in tooltips or they might not be accurate.

-Some features might be over or underpowered. Balancing the game will require feedback from players.


-The Hive Workshop.


-Ujimasa Hojo.



-Blizzard Entertainment.

-And all others who I either forgot or couldn't find their names.

Names are listed in no particular order.

To install: extract into „…WarcraftIII/Maps”.

Report problems with download to [email protected]

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