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Sunless Sea - Rulers of the Salt Steppe v.0.9 - Game mod - Download

The file Rulers of the Salt Steppe v.0.9 is a modification for Sunless Sea, a(n) rpg game. Download for free.

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last updateMonday, August 6, 2018


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Rulers of the Salt Steppe is a mod for Sunless Sea, created by Machallan Mr Cosmogone.

Description (in authorís own words):

Pactise with London greatest rivals: the New Khanate! Earn favours to get help in your expeditions, buy new items, or unlock a new Ship!

1) Very brief overview

This mod aim at expanding the khanate, mainly by adding new opportunities and items both in Khan's Glory and Khan's Heart.

This is vague? Yes. I think a great part of the fun in Sunless Sea is discovery, so I wouldn't want to spoil your pleasure.

There is a more explicit section below though.

I will only say here that you will have to gain the trust of Khaganians in battle, and then head to Khan's Glory.

Plus, there is a ship to obtain!

2) Installation

Do a backup from your save, just in case (go to User/appdata/LocalLow/Failbetter Games/Sunless Sea/saves and copy Autosave.json somewhere if you don't want to switch to merciful mode)

Open the Zipped file, extract the Rulers_of_the_Salt_Steppes folder in User/appdata/LocalLow/Failbetter Games/Sunless Sea/addon

Simple as that.

To uninstall (why would you?), remove the RotSS folder or delete it.

Pleae note that it is unadvisable to uninstall a mod without creating a new save. If you want to try, make sure that you have as less qualities related to the mod as possible, save your game, BACKUP YOUR SAVE, then try deleting the mod folder. Load your game, and hope it works.

3) Detailed Overview

This mod adds:

-A way to turn in port reports and intel to the Khanate, gaining echoes, favours and sometimes supplies. (Not all intel can be sold to the Khanate)

-Favours can be used to purchase supplies, gain Taimen or Leopard favours, and obtain a new transport oriented ship, roughly the same tier as the Corvette.

-A new shop in the Nephrite quarter, selling masterfully crafted figureheads for your ship (Bridge slot)


To gain the trust of the Khanate, you must first help them. In a Patriotic Dispute, in Gaider's Mourn, side with them to obtain a Pewter Horse head.

Bring this to Khan's Glory, and you will unlock the port reports system. Turn in port reports and vital intelligence to gain favours every time you submit a report.

If you have favours, a new interaction appears in Khan's Glory, letting you access the shop and the shipyard.

To acces the figurehead shop, you must first obtain a commercial license and enter the Nephrite Quarter in Khan's Heart.

4) Credits

Special thanks to Failbetter Games for making Sunless Sea, Lystacre for the (soon to come) figurehead arts (check her tumblr!)and Jacob Bronsky for the assistance :)

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