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Command & Conquer: Red Alert - Red Alert - The Rules of War v.1 - Game mod - Download

The file Red Alert - The Rules of War v.1 is a modification for Command & Conquer: Red Alert, a(n) strategy game. Download for free.

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last updateMonday, October 8, 2018


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Red Alert - The Rules of War is a mod for Command & Conquer: Red Alert, created by leonvk.

Description (in authorís own words):

The modded "rules.ini" file adds various new features and tweaks most of the game-play; to make the old Red Alert a little more realistic, much more balanced, and a hell of a lot more dynamic. To make the game harder in areas where it should be harder, and easier where it should be (micromanagement).

It has been play tested through both Allied / Soviet and Skirmish game-play (where it makes the biggest difference), but currently still needs testing.

*This mod was created using the freeware version of Red Alert from; recommend downloading Red Alert (aprox 1GB) from that site. It comes with all aftermath missions, original campaigns, music and videos, plus a launcher interface optimized for Windows 10.*


1.All units now auto heal to half of their hit-points

+This is a big change, it now makes sense to retreat and regroup, occasionally the AI even does this

2.Units move at similar speeds and stick to group formations

+Units now generally attack as one

+Large groups of organized infantry can launch devastating lighting strikes

+All infantry move at the same speed

+Most vehicles now move at similar speeds (they are all faster)

+Infantry now generally stick to 5 man groups and sometimes automatically scatter when threatened (from being crushed)

+Path-finding is still plagued by vanilla issues, to be addressed.

3.All unit prices, range, hit-points and weapon damage have been improved

+Infantry are much cheaper (eg. 50 for riflemen, 80 for rocket or flame thrower)

+Vehicles are stronger, more dangerous and prices are balanced

+Most units see and shoot further (the cruiser has been slightly handicapped), this make a huge difference in game-play

+Jeeps and APC's can decimate infantry, but similarly can quickly be dispatched by groups of infantry

+Both the Longbow and Hind helicopters are more lethal and stronger (they can now also explore)

+Going prone offers less protection to infantry (70% damage)

4.Soviet and Allies are more balanced in unit roster

+Soviets can build pillboxes, anti aircraft guns, APCs, gunboats, destroyers, and cruisers

+Allies can build tesla coils and submarines (which are far more deadly), spies and thieves are cheaper

+ Grenadiers, engineers and thieves are now equipped with pistols for defense purposes (which does 2/3 of rifle damage, but only works sporadically)

+Allied jeeps, light tanks (now armed with a Vulcan cannon) and medium tanks are stronger, faster and marginally cheaper; to counter Soviet heavy tanks

+However! AI does not build the new (shared) units or buildings

5.Game-play is faster, AI is more reactive and attacks with larger squads and armies

+It is however easier and quicker to build up a fighting force of your own.

+Scouting is less time consuming, units see further and move quicker, especially jeeps, APCs, light tanks

+Gunboats are now useful for scouting at sea

+Aircraft also provide exploration

6.Player controlled units move and fight more effectively

+Units will attack automatically with move orders, and fire the second enemy units are in range

+They occasionally move out of the way when about to be crushed and try to runaway from grenades, flames, and air bombs

7.Changes in what explodes when it dies

+Both grenadiers and flamethrowers no longer explode on death, making soviet infantry less prone to dying in waves, however the flame turret and harvesters will explode on destruction

+Some explosions are bigger

8.Difficulty has been adjusted so there are no price or build time differences, however, in hard mode units are weaker and deal less damage (in easy, you get a tiny buff on damage, speed and armor).

+Initial missions may seem easy, they get harder over time as the AI is allowed more freedom

+Commando missions may still require patience and liberal use of save-games

+In skirmish mode, all nations play equally, because, well you might just want to fight as Ukraine or Greece and not have the handicaps....

There may be more minor changes that are not listed here. Try out the new rules, most changes are readily apparent during game-play.


Replace the rules.ini and aftrmath.ini files with the modified versions from this archive.

  • Last update: Monday, October 8, 2018
  • Genre: Strategy
  • File size: 36.8 KB

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