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Legend of Grimrock II - Isle of the Deranged - Revision v. 1.0 - Game mod - Download

The file Isle of the Deranged - Revision v. 1.0 is a modification for Legend of Grimrock II, a(n) rpg game. Download for free.

file typeGame mod

file size128.5 MB

last updateSunday, March 15, 2020


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Isle of the Deranged is a mod for Legend of Grimrock II, created by Slayer68. Mod was originally avaible at ModDB i Nexus.


Eons ago, three separate beings came to the isle, drawn by a mysterious power. The first was Maevren, a lost being, next was Caldar, a calculating entity, followed by Ktalak, a furious combatant. Over time, all three became corrupted beyond measure, and began to formulate a twisted experiment for beings across various worlds. You were all taken from your respective worlds to reluctantly take part in this experiment designed to appease the three rulers. Stripped of your possessions and thrown into a prison cage, you must all work together to survive the experiment. Find the proper tools to arm yourselves in order to survive.

Features -

* Open-world exploration. Players are rewarded for searching and exploring,

whilst challenged when they discover new areas.

* Non-linear approach to dungeon crawling. Re-visit past areas for new items,

and paths that were initially locked or hidden on first investigation.

* Engaging memoirs of fallen participants. Their notes are often useful and

even reward diligence.

* Contains new creatures such as the new Slime and Warden (created by Daveyx0)

* New tile set/assets from Skuggasveinn.

* Features 21 stages.

* 15+ hours playtime.

* Full armour sets, as well as occasional duplicated items to support players

who use the same character type.

* New underwater weapon as well as two new tomes.


* Commence the mod using new characters. Starting with high-level characters

will break immersion and is not recommended.

* Search everywhere and look at everything.

* Re-visit previous levels to find secrets and uncover new gameplay.

* Alchemist, Wizard, Minotaur, and Farmer are recommended, however feel free to

use any combination of characters/styles.


1. Unzip file.

2. Copy the .dat file into your Almost Human/Legend of Grimrock 2/Dungeons folder.

3. Start game

then go to "Custom Dungeon" option and choose "Isle of the Deranged" to play.

Report problems with download to [email protected]

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