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Unreal Tournament (1999) - Unreal HD Texture Pack for UT99 v.2.0.3 - Game mod - Download

The file Unreal HD Texture Pack for UT99 v.2.0.3 is a modification for Unreal Tournament (1999), a(n) action game. Download for free.

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last updateTuesday, January 7, 2020


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Unreal HD Texture Pack for UT99 is a mod for Unreal Tournament (the one from 1999), created by AHaigh01.

Description (in author’s own words):

This HD texture pack completes the Unreal Retexturing Project. Now ALL the textures have been remade in HD and have been through several rounds of improvements. Experience the classic 1999 3D shooter in stunning high definition like never before!

These textures replace the original low-res textures from the Unreal game with high resolution replacement textures that look virtually identical at a distance, but have a much higher degree of detail as you get closer up. Therefor the game looks crisp, detailed, and beautiful instead of blurry and low res!

The textures are intended primarily for Unreal 1 single player, but since many single player mods came out on the UT99 platform with the Oldskool Mod, there is a UT99 net compatible version as well. This release does not aim the address all of the UT99 textures. Only the textures in common with Unreal 1.

Visit the website for this project at:

Other optional versions of this HD pack are found there:

-The Extreme4K Edition - 4K textures! Highest available resolutions, but it needs a more powerful computer to avoid lag.

-The Standard Edition - Smaller texture sizes for the fastest performance. Loss in quality is barely noticeable!

This release by AHaigh01 replaces and updates the previous Unreal HD textures that have been around for over a decade by DieHardSCWS. Also known as the Unreal Retexturing Project. It was last updated in 2015. The URP was never more than about halfway complete and many texture themes were not HD at all. This shortcoming has been fully addressed in my release. DieHard's textures are included in this release and in some cases have been further enhanced. All unfinished textures have now been made HD as well by me.

HD skins for monsters, weapons, pickups and decorations are not covered by this pack

For a complete HD Unreal experience use this HD pack with the HD Skins mod By Lightning Hunter


Installation \ Configuration


For UT99 be patched to 436 and use an updated renderer such as:

Warning- never use these textures on a server or when mapping.

In short, there are only 2 things needed to upgrade Unreal’s textures to HD. Overwrite the original .UTX files with the new ones.

Have “use S3TC=TRUE” in the renderer preferences.Download the version of these textures for Unreal227 or UT99 depending on what you are going to use. If you are not going to be playing on servers at all, the different versions are actually interchangeable. Having the right version installed is required by most servers however or you will get a version mismatch error. For Unreal 227 I also recommend turning on shadows in Preferences - Pawn Shadows - realtime, and decoration shadows.

Also in Advanced options set Rendering - VolumetricLighting to true for your renderer. This turns on fog effects (UT99 as well)

Bug found: In HubEffects.utx the LavaH2 texture was corrupted by the S3TC merger and maps using it (very rare) would crash the game. It has been restored to the original. Ver. 2.0.3 is corrected, or you can simply use the original HubEffects.utx with an older version of this release. Here is a link to get the original file if for some reason you don't have it.


-Epic Games - they created a relatively small number of HD textures that came on UT99 disc 2. And of course all of the original textures...

-Diehard SCWS- created a huge number of textures included here.

-AHaigh01 -thats me.

-Lightning Hunter- For lots of advice and consultation throughout the creation process of this HD pack, and finding many errors. He also contributed his texturing skills to:

All player skins in Female1Skins, Female2Skins, Male1Skins, Male2Skins, Male3Skins

Erosion lines in GenEarth/Ground/Dirt2a, Dirt2f

Cliff texture enhancements in the GenEarth/Rock/Wrck set

Enhancements to GenEarth/Rock/Rock9

Genterra/treeline/all textures - credit for base textures

Langs/umsbox1, umsbox2, umsbox3

Enhancements to Mine/Wall/Brkwall1, Brkwall2, Brkwall3, MBRKWL2A, MBRKWL2A, MBRKWL2C, mTScale1

Enhancements to NaliCast/Wall/CasFLOR, CasWAL

Enhancements and foliage additions* in NaliCast/Base/Wrck2*, wrck, wrckr

Enhancements to PlayrShp/Deco/vHullD1a, pHulLogo, pHullD2a, pHullD1a, pHulBrij, Htest10 - The Vortex Rikers ship

logo and lettering Starship/Door/Ext_dr

-Credits to some purchased base textures from, Deposit Photos, Envato Marketplace-3docean

-Big up to my IRL buddy Kaff, who helped me with the video trailer

Report problems with download to [email protected]

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